Paying multiple invoices together.

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Is there a way to apply a payment to multiple invoices? Some of our customers aren't required to pay day of and if they get another invoice before they pay then we just get the one payment to cover multiple invoices. The Customer Statement shows the correct balance but previous invoices are still marked unpaid and the details on the Customer Statement only show the payment applied to one invoice number.


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    Nvm found a step-by-step from Katie 12/31/18. Thanks!

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    Do you have a link to Katie's response?

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    Well, I tried to find the original post from Katie but had no luck. I can tell you what I do now to split payments, but if you need more help maybe an admin can offer more assistance.

    Accounting--> Transactions --> click on the payment you want to split (not the little box on the left just click anywhere else in the blue highlighted field) --> click on "Split this deposit" --> choose where to apply the split payment and update the totals paid in each category

    Hope that helps!

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    Thank you so much!!!!

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    I have customers that have 3, 4, or even 12 invoices open at once. The customer would like to pay off all of them. I am looking for a way to select ALL Of them at once, and charger the customers credit card, for one total amount. Not 12 seperate transactions. Please advise, thank you! 😁
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    Hi @Prestige , welcome to the Wave community! Are you looking to process these payments through Payments by Wave? Payments by Wave will allow the customer to overpay a single invoice. In this situation, I'd suggest that you first find the total amount of the collective invoices and then have the client pay that amount on any one of these invoices. After they have overpaid a single invoice, please follow the steps outlined in this article to distribute the excess to the other invoices:

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    Not what I'm looking for.
    The first of the month a new invoice is automatically generated. If the customer didn't pay for 5 months, I want them to be able to select ALL 5 Invoices, to pay them all at once. So it will then show, that all 5 Invoices were Paid. Right now, it has to be done 5 septate times.
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    This is the same question I came on here to find the answer to. Hope you can help. Thanks!

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    Hey there @Prestige @CalCounseling

    As you may have already discovered this is not a feature available in Wave. Myron's point was having your client make one overpayment to an invoice and attributing this to multiple products you're selling. Our invoicing system is coded on an individual invoice basis. So that means when you send a client an invoice they have secure access to pay that particular invoice. Our system doesn't necessarily open up a payment portal to access multiple invoices. This would actually be a major revamp for our payments and invoicing team to re-code all of this. In theory I think it sounds like an incredible idea, but I'll be honest in saying it's not on our current roadmap. Hope you have a great rest of your day!

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    When I try that with Wave CC processed it won't let me do this! When I charge a customer's cc, I sometimes add to the payment amount to include an additional invoice. In such transaction, I can't edit anything in order to record properly. Why??

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    Hey @Joseph0481 . Try using the Help Center article here which breaks down how to handle overpayments. Check out number 3 specifically which has to do with receiving payments through Wave Payments.

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    I have some clients who have multiple unpaid invoices and would like to pay them all by credit card. Instead of them or I charging their card multiple times as they pay invoice after invoice, it would be nice if there was a way for them to collectively pay all their invoices in a single, combined payment.

    I realize I could delete the invoices and make a new singular invoice, but that's a lot of extra labor, and it complicates my tracking of jobs/payments/invoices.

    I wonder if others have this need, and if it's something the Wave team would consider implementing?

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    Hey @JoshS! That's a really solid suggestion, and it's one that several Wave users like yourself have surfaced in the past. While it's not something that's on our immediate roadmap, I think the team could see merit in implementing this in the future, though it would be a far ways off if implemented at all. Thanks for taking the time to reach out here.

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    I can't up-vote this enough, as it seems it could solve an issue I have as well. I came from another invoicing app (Apptivo) that automatically applied payments to invoices based on the amount you entered. If a client has several invoices but pays with 1 check, the software would automatically split that payment across multiple invoices as appropriate.

    I think the main concept change here is that Wave views balances due based solely on separate invoices, while businesses (and our customers) typically view balances due per client or customer. I do appreciate the recent addition of customer statements, because before then if a customer was past due I would have to open each of their invoices separately to give them their current balance owed. Now, however, we still have to go into each invoice and mark them as paid. If they write a check for an odd amount (i.e. a client has 2 invoices at $250 each and pays $400 now), I have to do the math of figuring out that $250 paid the first invoice and $150 of the second (I know, easy example. But you get the idea). Even if the app still treated the payments as separate transactions for separate invoices, if it could accept a larger transaction (be it credit card payment or manual check payment) and automatically split it across the client's owed invoices, it could make it much smoother for both the business owner and our customers.

    I would definitely vote for this to be moved up the priority scale a little. Obviously it isn't as big a deal as Square's inability to use decimal quantities in their invoicing app that they took years to resolve, but it seems like it could be helpful not only to us clients of yours, but also to our clients as well.

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    Please consider reviewing your priority on this. It confuses people to have to go into individual invoices to pay instead of making a payment on their account overall. Or they just make a payment that doesn't match the invoice that they clicked pay on and then we have to manipulate invoice amounts. If you would allow a payment on their account, similar to how a bank deposit shows up via my connection to my bank, then I can go in and apply the payment appropriately.

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    I have this exact problem. I have clients that want to pay all their monthly invoices via their statement. I fail to see the problem, with as many complaint about this, to implement this feature. Especially if I am the one inputting the cc info for them. It would make all our lives just that much easier. Waveapps included. I have to, each month, go back and make one invoice to cover all invoices. Yes! It's a workaround, but all I have found on here are workarounds. No matter what post you read, they are always referred back to the same articles. Which are of no help, in this situation. THIS IS A MUST.

    Waveapps, your clients are begging for this and it seems that all you do is refer us to a workaround. PLEASE MOVE THIS TO FRONT OF THE LINE TO BE IMPLEMENTED.

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    There is a way around this -

    Accounting--> Transactions --> click on the payment you want to split (not the little box on the left just click anywhere else in the blue highlighted field) --> click on "Split this deposit" --> choose where to apply the split payment and update the totals paid in each category

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    Would love this! My client just paid for 6 months - 3 past recurring invoices and 3 future invoices. Would love a way to figure this out! I Can see this client paying like this again. My solution was to delete 3 past invoices and creating a new invoice covering the 6 months she paid (future scaping). I hope my accountant likes this! Also if i delete old invoices will wave not use those invoice numbers again? I hope not!

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