2 Different Wages would be great

JessEmJessEm Member Posts: 3

We have an hourly training wage, and their regular hourly wage.

It would be extremely helpful during payroll if there was 2 different wages, as it's common for employees to have a combination during the same pay-period. It would also make paystubs less confusing for employees who trying to see the different amounts... As well as assisting in the area of record keeping, as it pertains to differentiating between to two amounts without having to break out a calculator, again.


  • BenRajabiBenRajabi Administrator Posts: 12 admin

    Hi Jess, thanks you for the suggestion.
    I definitely agree that this would be a good feature to have. Unfortunately, this is not in our immediate roadmap so I cannot promise a timeframe. Having said that, I would like to know more about this scenario.
    With your employee, what would be a reason for any of them to have multiple wages? Is is based on their role in the pay period?

  • BrittanyBrowneBrittanyBrowne Member Posts: 1

    THIS would be awesome! and it was possible for us in Quickbooks.
    For us, we need it because we have therapists that get paid a clinical hour rate and an admin hour rate.

  • JessEmJessEm Member Posts: 3

    Thanks for the comments.

    Ben, our situation sounds somewhat similar to Brittany's. We have employees with a Training rate, and a regular rate. There's a lot of training to start, which gradually combines with their regular rate. After the initial training, we're still not "out of the weeds" so to speak, as they also have periodic training requirements for certifications and such. During any given payroll, we have multiple employees needing the dual wage. Additionally, I find myself needing to go back and check EVERY employees salary before each payroll, to ensure it's accurate from one payroll to the next.

  • thewismerthewismer Member Posts: 1

    I agree. I may have to switch without this feature (or a work around such as a "rate boost" line that doesn't get treated like overtime. I have a single employee who is paid for childcare and gets a different hourly rate based on the number of children. Most of the time it's just the base rate but sometimes more.

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,114 admin

    Hey @thewismer. One thing that I do suggest to our users who are looking to pay their employees a different wage for certain hours, is to enter in a bonus in Wave for that total amount. Simple just multiplying the hourly rate by the number of hours worked and entering it as a bonus (and label the bonus as 'different hourly rate wage') should suffice -- bonuses are still taxed the same as regular pay in Wave.

  • JaredMMSRentalsJaredMMSRentals Member Posts: 1

    I'd just like to leave my support for this idea.

    The company I work for (A/V Production & Live Sound) has multiple pay rates for different employees, often multiple pay rates in a single pay period for a single employee. For example, Employee X works 18 hours in the warehouse this week + 15 hours as a stagehand + a single night as a Lighting Designer. Employee X is paid $12.50/hr, $20/hr, and a flat rate of $125, respectively. Outside of trying to calculate each of these periods into a "bonus" style payment of some sort, it would be extremely useful to be able to have multiple payment options.

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,114 admin

    Hey @JaredMMSRentals. Appreciate the detailed feedback that you've given us here, it gives us a stronger sense of how this could potentially work in Wave if it's a feature that we decide to move forward with. When we do have a bit more information as to what this will look like and if it's something we're working on, I will be sure to update our users via this thread.

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