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imageUser permissions

Wave account owners can invite trusted individuals to collaborate on their account as a Viewer, Editor, or Payroll Administrator. As a guest user of a Wave business, you may see that the navigation...

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  • marpie76marpie76 Member Posts: 5

    I gave my accountant access as an editor. He said he needs access to wave settings so he can map the last years invoice payments into checking instead of cash on hand. He cannot do this with current permissions. Is there a way to grant access to this roll? Thanks

  • MartingdMartingd Member Posts: 1

    Can there be a way to give a user access only to sales and purchases (as in create invoices and add products and services) ? It's funny that there is a "role" called "salesperson" and then not offer rights and restrictions with this in mind

  • jocchartacjocchartac Member Posts: 1

    Martingd's question is the same as my intended question. Can such restrictions be enabled?

  • SakshiSakshi Administrator Posts: 5 admin

    @Martingd @jocchartac Thank you for reaching out. We get a lot of feedback around customization in permissions and we plan to work on a sales role with restricted permissions. However, we do not know yet when that will come up. @marpie76 you can consider giving Admin access to your accountant that will give more permissions than the current Editor role. But please consider that Admins have full access to the Wave account.

  • adinugroadinugro Member Posts: 2

    I have two staffs, one is for purchasing and the other one is for sales. I do not want the purchasing staff to see the sales module.and vice versa, the sales staff to see the purchasing staff. How can I impelemnt this?

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 557 admin

    Hey @adinugro, at the moment this level of customization isn't possible with user permissions, but we are working on this sort of functionality. I will submit a feature request as well - I know a restricted Sales user is being looked at, but in terms of Purchases, how would you like to see this operate? As in, the user would just be able to upload receipts and record additions to inventory?

  • adinugroadinugro Member Posts: 2

    Hi @Samd, thank you for your response. The workflow in most of my clients businesses are separating between purchase and sales. The purchase person will only record the purchase transactions, such as record receipts and bills (I am still a bit confused with the different of receipts and biils. To me, it should be just one with capabilities to upload the receipts and fill in the details later.)

    @Samd said:
    ... I know a restricted Sales user is being looked at, but in terms of Purchases, how would you like to see this operate? As in, the user would just be able to upload receipts and record additions to inventory?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I got an understanding that **user **is a role with capabilities to upload receipts and record additions to inventory. Which one you refer to?

    The rationale behind separation of purchase and sales is that the owner does not like either staff to know the other information, like sales person to know the purchase price and the purchase person to know the sales price.

  • CoastalDataCoastalData Member Posts: 1

    Is it possible to control which companies/personal that each user has access to? For instance, is it possible to give a family member access to personal, without giving them access to companies, also?

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    Hi @adinugro. Thanks again for providing us some detail as to what your workflow looks like and what you would want specific user permissions for. The customization for what collaborators can/can't access is something that we are looking at for 2019 so having a stronger understanding of what your business needs would be in this situation definitely help.

    @CoastalData You can definitely do this -- all you would need to do is make sure that when you are on the business itself, you click on Settings and go to User Management. From here -- you should be able to add collaborators to your specific business and not your entire account.

  • Fantastic4Fantastic4 Member Posts: 3

    Hi, I'd like to be able to let employees / contractors upload receipts without being able to edit or even view the rest of the accounting. For instance, if we hire a maintenance person for our rentals, it would be great if they could upload receipts when they make purchases at a hardware store, but I don't really want them seeing my entire accounting.

  • RdwavesRdwaves Member Posts: 1

    This is one of the main functions that has me thinking about leaving waves and going to Another platform.
    We need the ability to allow employees to access apps like invoices and receipts with out having access to our accounting numbers. Sales people need to invoice the customers they are working with. And record payments
    But they don’t need to know how much other employees are paid or how much is in the bank. Or where we spend our funds.

  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 462 admin

    @Rdwaves and @Fantastic4 I know this is somewhat of a weird workaround, but you can add you employees as guest users, but only instruct them to use the mobile apps/don't tell them about the browser version; this'll keep them gated from seeing everything else in your account, although there's nothing stopping them from using those login credentials to view the account in the desktop version. But that's more of a question of "how much do I trust these people" than anything else.

    I also was just talking to a business owner who simply logged into the receipts app on their employees phone, so the employee doesn't even know the login credentials in the first place. Depending on the situation, that could work as well.

  • aurenbikesaurenbikes Member Posts: 1

    **+1 ** for having a sales person user permission! I know this has been asked before but is there any expected date to roll out this feature now?

  • Fantastic4Fantastic4 Member Posts: 3

    @Ryan_W - Thanks for that tip - I'll check into it, it may work for me at least initially. In the long run, would still be better to just have a lower permission user level, or better yet, the ability to assign any permission a la carte to any user - but maybe that's just dreaming!

  • R_WangR_Wang Member Posts: 1

    Dear Wave Admins,
    i'm big fan and user of Wave, Please realize update to user permissions, which we can customize each user to view, edit, delete to certain menu (Sales, purchases, accounting, etc)... Please... i think many wave user will be very happy with this update...

  • acaldacald Member Posts: 1

    I stumbled upon this help page because I was looking for a way to allow employees/ind contractors to enter their hours directly into their timesheets. Any possibility of creating a level of security for this where we could give a user timesheet rights and a drop down box appears to match that user with an existing employee so they can only create timesheets for themselves?

    Thanks for all you guys do.

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  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    @aurenbikes @R_Wang We still don't have an exact timeline as to when more customizable user permissions will be available to our users (hoping to have something in the works soon) -- It's something that's definitely been discussed, but still don't have an exact ETA of when it will be launched.

    @acald Our Payroll team has been discussing this as well (giving employees the ability to enter in their hours on the timesheet section, essentially like a punch in/punch out time tracking service). Although not on our immediate radar for Payroll, something that we are definitely considering for the future.

  • 8Animals8Animals Member Posts: 3

    How do you remove a guest user?

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,941 admin

    Hi @8Animals . Under Settings > User Management > Users, you can both view and add/remove guest users from your business.

  • MrsHungryAsianMrsHungryAsian Member Posts: 4

    If I give someone view only access, can they view invoices and invoice status? Can they also upload receipts using the mobile app?

  • LidiaLidia Member Posts: 10

    Is it possible to give permission only to the expenses part of the account? I have an external assistant who should help out with uploading the receipts & bills, but I don't want the person to see the invoices balance sheet or cashflow status of the business. They should only be there to capture bills & receipts data to update the accounting.

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    @MrsHungryAsian As long as you've added them as a collaborator in your Wave account (with view status) they can view the invoices and the invoice status (as well as the transactions page, reports, etc). In terms of using the app, if they have view only status, they won't be able to upload receipts using the mobile app.

    @Lidia As of right now, it's not possible to customize the user permissions in Wave so your assistant could only access the expenses section. This could be something that we look into/implement in the future, but we don't have any immediate plans in doing so.

  • ClaireWryghtAccountsClaireWryghtAccounts Member Posts: 18

    Is it possible to edit email notifications and app notifications for accounts on which I’m an admin? I keep getting excited by ‘your invoice has been paid’ messages but they are my collaboration accounts not my own.

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 557 admin

    Hey @ClaireWryghtAccounts, not at the moment unfortunately, but I think this is a really good suggestion! It's something we see a lot on the support team see a lot as well when we're collaborating on accounts in order to squash bugs but end up receiving these update emails as well. In terms of the businesses you collaborate on, do you think it would be valuable to have just a notification off switch? Or would being able to toggle different types of notifications on or off?

  • ClaireWryghtAccountsClaireWryghtAccounts Member Posts: 18

    @Samd so far I've only seen one notification (the invoice payment) so I'm not sure if others would be useful. More options are always great but I appreciate that takes additional time to code and service

  • Popins62Popins62 Member Posts: 1
    How do they log in please and can they upload receipts using there phone device? I have emailed you this question I have also asked this via contact support link. I would like my business partner to help me upload all our receipts in his phone
  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 388 admin

    Hey @Popins62, thanks for reaching out. You can add your business partner to your account via Settings > Users, you will see the user permissions that are available to you. Once you send the invite to your business partner, they will click the link which directs them to set up their own Wave account which they can access your account through. Yes your partner can upload receipts directly to the account.

  • gambisgambis Member Posts: 3
    Dear Wave Admin,
    Really hope and begging you guys to implement "user restriction".. i think from this discussion, you can see many of your user really need this feature, and concern about this... Really hope this feature can be your first priority in your development and maintenance program.. Thank's
  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,941 admin

    Hi @gambis . Thanks for your feedback here. Would you be able to give us a better idea on how you would use this feature for your business?

  • gambisgambis Member Posts: 3

    hi @alexlewiszarkos i mean more specific role like accountant (full access to acctounting tab, but no access for other tabs, sales full access to sales tab, but no access for other tabs...

    Or if you think that's not too effective, maybe you can give us customization in role permission -like in the pic attached - (we can change full access, view only, add only, no delete (can add, edit).

    I think it will be solve most problems in this discussion.. Hope you think this suggestion guys.. Thanks a lot

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