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Erehcla_Global1Erehcla_Global1 Member Posts: 2
Is there a partner referral link to enable me run campaign to retarget prospective client to wave?


  • GraceMGraceM Administrator Posts: 8 admin

    Hi @Erehcla_Global1 ,

    Great question! We're excited to say that we're currently building out our Referral program. It's scheduled to launch this year. Thanks so much for considering Wave for your prospective clients!

  • Erehcla_Global1Erehcla_Global1 Member Posts: 2
    OK and thank you for reaching out, it would be more ideal if you say when exactly because it could mean the refferal link could come out by ending of the year.
  • TristanHTristanH Member Posts: 2

    I too am keen to help you grow your business, I have a large small business network i work with who are sole traders or micro business where you product would be perfect. I am referring you now but would be awesome if I had some kind of benefit for offering your awesome product.

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 2,041 admin

    Hey there @TristanH

    I apologize for being the bearer of bad news, however this feature likely won't be implemented in the future. Our growth and onboarding team has let me know that this is no longer on their roadmap for it's not a feature they could prioritize over some of their other onboarding features that they've been implementing. My apologies for this! Hopefully we can generate more of a demand on the community!

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