Review Similar Transactions Feature In Accounting - Bug

JonGrilliJonGrilli Member Posts: 4

Firstly, I love this feature! Making life a lot easier

I think there might be a bug where it doesn't pick up similar transactions with stars in the transaction ID? I'm struggling to get it to pick up similar transactions by apple pay, which seems to always have stars in the description from my bank, or contactless payments. But other transactions don't suffer this problem

would it be possible to have a feature where you could force the similar transactions function rather than having to wait for the popup?



  • JonGrilliJonGrilli Member Posts: 4

    Update: seems to work with some transactions with * in the description, so not really sure why it doesn't pick up repeat transactions for some and not others, but an option to force this might help with that?

  • ryanwilsonperkinryanwilsonperkin Administrator Posts: 18 admin

    Hey @JonGrilli, thanks for letting us know, that's certainly an odd issue.

    I've let our development team know about the potential issue with the star in the description. We're already investigating ways to improve the matching of transactions and possibly to mark other as the same.

  • tthavendrantthavendran Member Posts: 1

    Hey @JonGrilli, thanks again for bringing this issue to light.

    I was wondering if you could provide some more detail on the matter. Any examples of where it does work and where it does not work would be very helpful.

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