Error while fetching categories

JomzJomz Member Posts: 10
Good day. While posting transactions today, I was not able to pull up the categories from the drop down.

I even logged on different devices but to no avail.

On another note, did the layers for the drop down change? While viewing in phones in portrait mode, the transactions are a layer above the categories pop-up/choices. I have to switch to landscape to be able to post, which is a bit troublesome...



  • LilladyvinylLilladyvinyl Member Posts: 10

    Same problem. Any update yet?

  • JomzJomz Member Posts: 10
    Still does not work and I can’t post any transactions.
  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 695 admin

    Hi folks, thanks for reaching out! So far, I'm unable to reproduce this issue on my account, so I'd like to ask you for more information that will help us understand what's happening here.

    Could you confirm:

    • That you have tried other browsers and/or clearing your cache
    • Whether you are currently running any browser extensions
    • What transactions are impacted (all, manually added, imported though an integration, just expenses, etc.)
    • It also may be helpful if you could provide a screenshot of the developer console (you can find the steps to do that here)

    Thank you!

  • JomzJomz Member Posts: 10
    It involves manual entries.

    Posting income, expense or any transaction is affected.

    I am running safari browser.

    Also only one of my business books is affected as I found I could post on a new business. Could it be potentially corrupted data?

    I also noted errors in forwarding the closing balances of 2018 to the beginning balance of 2019.
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  • gra8fulgra8ful Member Posts: 4

    Same problem. Repeatedly getting "An error occurred while fetching categories". Cannot categorize anything.

    I've shut down, used other browser's (which is preferred anyways), and am using Wave exactly as before the upgrade.

  • gra8fulgra8ful Member Posts: 4


    • I've tried other browsers - always use Chrome, tired Edge and Mozilla
    • Only browser extensions are Google Drive and Calendar
    • All transactions - get same error message when attempting to assgin or reassign categories "an error occured while fetching categories"
    • My screen shot is same as Lilladyvinyl posted

    Thank you for getting a solution!

  • deedocdeedoc Member Posts: 0

    Unable to Add Category from Accounting Transaction -- Add Expense. Under choose a category, Keep getting an "error occured while fetching categories. Seems like a bug.

    Can see category okay from purchases --Add bill. Just getting an error from Accounting--Transaction

  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 695 admin

    Thanks for following up! It would be helpful if we could get a screenshot of your console to help us identify this issue (in Chrome, right click > inspect > select console). Could you also please confirm that a member of our team has your permission to access your account as a guest user for investigative purposes? Thank you!

  • LilladyvinylLilladyvinyl Member Posts: 10

    You have my permission to access my account. Thanks

  • LilladyvinylLilladyvinyl Member Posts: 10

    any sign of a solution for this?

  • LilladyvinylLilladyvinyl Member Posts: 10

    Actually thanks for all your help, I have just checked and this appears to be working again on my end. Do we have any idea what caused the problem please?

  • JomzJomz Member Posts: 10
    It seems to be working again. Thank you for looking into this.
  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 695 admin

    Hi all, thanks for your patience! Our team was able to identify this as related to other work we've been doing, and then fix it. Thanks for your patience while we worked. @Lilladyvinyl thank you very much for your permission to view your account as a collaborator -- this enabled us to determine the cause of the problem and pass it along to the right people.

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  • LilladyvinylLilladyvinyl Member Posts: 10

    Cheers Charlotte!

  • RichieRichie Member Posts: 1

    I believe that I have the same issue to some degree. When inputting a Bill I am unable to access any inventory accounts (actually the only Asset account available from the category menu is accounts receivable). I have submitted a bug report through the help centre.

  • JomzJomz Member Posts: 10

    I was about to comment on that as well... assets are not posting in bills, specially for inventory accounts.

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 557 admin

    Hey @Jomz - for inventory you'd now want to create an expense in your Accounting > Transactions page, assign it to your Inventory Asset account, and also assign the vendor to the transaction as well. Essentially with the new system Wave inventory tracking bypasses the bills section. Hope this helps!

  • BigGBigG Member Posts: 1

    Ran into this error today trying to add an expense to move money from Parts & Materials to an inventory account.

    Steps to reproduce:
    in transactions
    open a new transaction by clicking on add expense
    select account
    click on category
    you will see the error.

    I've tried this for both deposits and withdraws on multiple accounts this morning. It will work sporadically, but then not allow saving of the transaction.

    In order to get the categories to load, I open a transaction, and before entering anything else, select the category. Once the category is populated, then I fill in the remaining fields. Unfortunately, while this does seem to get around the category error, it presents another error where I can not save the transaction.

    Any help would be appriciated.
    Thank you.

    Continuation. Figured out the problem.
    You can not use more than 2 digits of precision for the Total Amount field when submitting a transaction. If you use 4 digits of precision, for example $32.3704, you will get an error like this:

    Once you correct the precision on your amount, for example $32.37, the system returns to a working state:

    It would be nice if the validation on the form was more clear on what the error is. Ideally, a popup could be generated when the user enters an invalid value in Total Amount, or you could automatically round any entry in Total Amount to 2 digits of precision.

    Thanks, hope this helps someone else.

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  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 1,535 admin

    Hey there @BigG

    Wave works with only two numeric figures after a decimal point in order for it to save properly. I do appreciate you writing out this thorough and detailed post as a means to help others out! Thanks.

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