Reporting - fiscal year

JudeRoseJudeRose Member Posts: 21

I was wondering if possible for Wave to make it possible to report on Fiscal years? I understand it's possible to select custom dates, however, a 'fiscal year' option would be great. It could take the date for the 'settings' page.



  • GraceMGraceM Administrator Posts: 8 admin

    Hi @JudeRose !

    Thanks so much for taking the time to post your question. Given that you know you can set up your fiscal year and a custom date range to generate your report, it sounds like you're looking for a way to navigate to the Fiscal year report more quickly. We always appreciate that you have a lot to do and need to move a lot faster! While that very direct way of generating that report isn't currently available in our interface, we'll note it for the product team to take a look at. Thanks again for the feedback as it really helps in making the experience better.

  • WappererWapperer Member Posts: 5

    I second this suggestion. I find having to put the custom date range in all the time a bit of a pain. Just a another option in the list that uses the fiscal year that is entered in the main settings would make like much easier come tax return time.

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