Connecting two invoices to one payment received

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Hi there everyone!
We have a dance and drama academy and just started using Waves to do our accounting. I have to re-create the last 6 months of invoices for each of our students, and then record the payments. Simple enough most of the time. But here is the scenario I haven't figured out how to solve:
We send an invoice monthly. One month, Student A didn't pay. Then the next month, they made one payment for both outstanding invoices. How do I connect both invoices to that single payment? (Taking into account that this is all done in what you could call "past tense"- I do it all from the Invoice page: Create new invoice; Approve draft; Mark as sent; Receive payment. So none of this is actually linked to any trasactions under Transactions)
I hope this makes sense. I'm sure there must be a way, and I feel very silly not having found that way!


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    Hi @LimitlessArts thanks for posting here! To link a single payment to multiple invoices, you can split the income transaction and associate them to applicable invoices.

    To do so, go to Transactions under the Accounting tab, click on the payment transaction and click on the "Split this deposit" button. Under Category 1, replace the payment amount to the value of the invoice. Under Category 2, click on the "Uncategorized Income" dropdown and look for "Payment Received for an Invoice in Wave" and select the other invoice you want to apply the split transaction. Finally, enter the outstanding amount in the Category 2 amount field and click on Save to apply the transaction to both invoices.

    Let me know if you have any further questions!

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