DrWhit_1DrWhit_1 Member Posts: 3

I’m just a New you, but I can’ find a way to print checks or deposit receipts in Wave. Have I just missed something?


  • ErikErik Administrator Posts: 187 admin

    Hi @DrWhit_1, these are not functions available in Wave at this moment. We don't have any plans on releasing a "Print Check" function outside of Payroll checks, but would you be able to provide me more information about your use of a deposit receipt?

    Is this in reference to payments that your customers would be making to you? If so, you would be able to send receipts for the invoice payments you do receive from directly on the Invoices page.

    If this is not what you mean, I would be glad to hear more from you on this topic.

  • DrWhit_1DrWhit_1 Member Posts: 3

    Thank you for your response. I was asking about a way to print my deposit receipts when I make deposits to my bank. They come from various sources, but not necessarily from invoices. I have deposit receipt forms from my bank that are already notated with the account number and etc. it’s really the same function as printing the checks on check blanks that I have purchased from companies like Delux. In my previous accounting software I was able to print both my checks and my bank deposit forms on to preprinted blanks (checks and deposit receipts). I was in hopes that Wave might provide me its the same options. I have been able to find Apps the print checks, but none of them include the ability to print the deposit slips.

  • KelseyRodricksKelseyRodricks Administrator Posts: 16 admin

    Hi @DrWhit_1! As my colleague Erik mentioned above, we don't have plans on releasing a "Print Check" function (outside of Payroll check) or the ability to print deposit slips. Do you simply want to ensure that the bank properly accounts for the funds and deposits them in the correct amount into the correct account? Do you typically deposit your cash via ATM or via a bank teller?

  • DrWhit_1DrWhit_1 Member Posts: 3

    No, Kelsey, I only want to print out my checks and deposit slips on my printer instead of writing them by hand. I have found apps to print the checks (mostly pretty limited, but usable) but I have not found one that will allow me to print deposit slips. I already purchased the check and deposit slips before I switched to Wave. My old accounting app (Account Edge) contained those options. I just thought Wave might do the same. Guess not. Thanks for commenting. 🤠

  • Ken_BKen_B Member Posts: 1

    How do I add checks to be paid on next payroll?

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 628 admin

    @Ken_B Could you please confirm exactly what you are referring to here? Are you referring to contractor payments that need to be added to the next payroll? If you are paying your employees by check, when you are on the Run Payroll screen you should have the option to select this -- you won't need to specifically add a check to the payroll.

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