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M1SpecM1Spec Member Posts: 1

Hi is there any way to include the PO number in a Customer's monthly statement? I'm a new user and can't find a way to add this detail and I have a customer who requires this information to be visible. Thank you!


  • JordanFromWaveJordanFromWave Administrator Posts: 150 admin

    @M1Spec While the Customer Statement does not include the PO numbers directly within the statement itself, when sending the customer statement through Wave, the invoice numbers are links to the corresponding invoice. The PO would be featured on the invoice. This information is left off of the Statement to ensure a streamlined amount of information is displayed. Can you share if this is a customer preference or a legal requirement?

  • Brent_OntraxBrent_Ontrax Member Posts: 14

    @M1Spec I can't say I've ever seen a Customer Accounts Statement show the Customers PO Number on them ever in Any accounting System unless the physical form has been personalised (MYOB, Quickbooks etc). An Accounts Statement is a list of your accounts for that particular customer showing them what has happened that month, if they don't have a copy of the Invoice, then they request it.

  • RahimRahim Administrator Posts: 91 admin

    @Brent_Ontrax Thanks for your response. One of the nice things about Wave's customer statement is because it's online, there is no need to request an invoice. They can simply click on the link and view the invoice online. They can make a payment for outstanding invoices or download them for their records.

    @M1Spec There isn't a way to add any additional information in the customer statement as it follows a standard template style.



  • PierreDeVilliersPierreDeVilliers Member Posts: 1

    Add the PO number in after the invoice# once the invoice is generated :) little bit of a pain but possible

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