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bookartistbookartist Member Posts: 3

I don't see a way to move fields. The default invoice layout doesn't work for my window envelopes. How can I shift the customer name/address block to show in the window?


  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 515 admin

    Hi @bookartist and thanks for reaching out. I'm afraid that currently the information on the invoices are customizable, however, the format of the invoice itself is not. I'd love to dig a little deeper on this and find out if not being able to change the layout on invoices effects anyone else's business operations. In the event that this gains some traction, I'll be happy to further escalate it as a feature request to our Product Team.

  • bookartistbookartist Member Posts: 3

    Thanks for your answer. Actually, I'm surprised that this hasn't been raised before. I've worked on implementing financial systems before and there is always that ability to adjust the layout of reports and artifacts like invoices. Are most Wave users delivering documents electronically? Maybe that's why. I still need to print them out.

  • MartinmechanicalMartinmechanical Member Posts: 1

    Yes, as a contractor many services and products sold are not standard price/qty items and descriptions of work are required.
    would be better to be able to make a customized description section and column for cost.

  • AndrewFromWaveAndrewFromWave Administrator Posts: 10 admin

    Hi @bookartist @Martinmechanical though I'm unsure on exact percentages, a sizeable portion of Wave users primarily deliver documents electronically. Wave allows you to email invoices directly to your customers, after all! :smile:
    As @JordanFromWave mentioned above, if we see widespread need for more precise control of invoice layout that may be something we explore in the future!

  • thatlawnguythatlawnguy Member Posts: 2

    Wave is a GREAT platform so far (Just switched from freshbooks)
    I was, however, disappointed to find that Wave invoices are not compatible with a #9 windowed envelope when printed. I'll throw my hat in the ring and say this is a much needed improvement. Yes, the majority of my clients do have email addresses, but there are those holdouts who refuse to use it.

    Please implement this feature!

    edited April 10, 2019
  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 557 admin

    Thanks @thatlawnguy :), and thank you for the feedback as well. I just wanted to do a check here as well; would printing logo'd printer labels with a customer's shipping info be a suitable workaround in this situation or would being able to customize for windowed enveloped be the most desirable option?

  • thatlawnguythatlawnguy Member Posts: 2

    Hey, Thanks for the reply @Samd ! I would prefer the windowed envelope as it reduces the overall number of steps required to mail out an invoice. for my workflow, a printable label would be OK but not optimal.

    Thank you for your attention to this!

    Lets stay in touch!

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