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  • Daniel_Nanton_PDMTDaniel_Nanton_PDMT Member Posts: 7

    Hi, I am enclosing a screencapture, this time created from an incognito window, but it still won't finish and it stays stuck in the middle of the data import

    Would appreciate a lot to understand what I can do in order to receive the full data import, since I can't finish calculating the reports on which is the volume of the products sold.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,906 admin

    Hey @patbell101 , what's the error you're getting when trying to add Wave Connect to Google Sheets. A screenshot of the error would help immensely as well.

    Hi @annieos_hhi124 , this Community thread will give you some more information on how to handle this accordingly! Unfortunately the way that Google Sheets works, an invalid error message will always surface even if what you're entering is correct.

    Hey @Daniel_Nanton_PDMT , Callie's response from above is probably what's going on here. Due to the sheer amount of data, the integration is most likely having trouble pulling all of this information. I'd use the filter option to filter for specific dates, allowing you to break down how many invoices you're downloading at once (I'd recommend doing 50-100 per download). Let us know if it works!

  • Daniel_Nanton_PDMTDaniel_Nanton_PDMT Member Posts: 7

    Thanks @AlexL it did work, although I needed to use different sheets since it deletes everything each time the process is called with a different date, but at least I now have the data, thanks.

  • LwaziLwazi Member Posts: 2

    Hi BarsinA

    I have followed the steps you advised me to and I am still having trouble and I really would like to eventually get it right as it will save me time. Please can you try and send another example.! Below I have used a scenario where I topped up a phone twice so I DR. the affected expense account twice and the affected asset is CR twice. I tried to do something similar to what you show me but I wasn't quite sure what was happening there as it seemed to have an effect of cancelling out the transaction (Debiting and Crediting the same account by the same amount) and it still gave me an error message. Kind Regards

    Hi @Lwazi

    My apologies if this was not intuitive as it doesn't seem very clear but you will need to create new rows here and enter the value of the debit and credit on different lines to your specified account if you haven't done this. Check out my screenshots on how to do that


  • AntonyUpwardAntonyUpward Member Posts: 8

    @PaulC said:
    Hi @JamesNilsenMisra

    Thanks for your message. You are right, "Compound" would be more precise language. That's something we could correct in a next update.

    Yes please!

    Across Wave, we don't see many customers actually using journal entries on a regular basis, which is why we haven't yet built a 'true' bulk journal transactions uploader (i.e. many different journal transactions at different dates).

    I must be an exception :smile: I and my accountant couldn't get by without using approx ~10 J/E's a year

    I'm curious, if we did develop such a feature, would you be looking to bulk upload 'simple' journal transactions with 1 Debit and 1 Credit, or would you also need 'compound' journal transactions within the bulk upload set?

    It would be most useful if you can bulk upload compound J/E's

    I know you can't make commitments on when improved functionality might be available... but can you at least tells us whether or not this feature is on the product roadmap or not? i.e. did your people agree its worth the investment to add the feature.

    And since you say above this functionality could be "in a next update"... can Wave comment on the desired frequently of updates ? 1 per year, 4 per year - without giving a sense of dates or whether these are regularly or irregularly scheduled.

    In other words... I'm asking Wave to share your policy... not your plan. :smiley:


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  • AntonyUpwardAntonyUpward Member Posts: 8

    This is an excellent addition to Wave's functionality... congrats...

    AND from what I can understand below you can't upload to replace any records in Wave right now of any type... only to add new ones.

    I can definitely understand why this wasn't in v1...

    But it would be really really helpful if updating existing products, customers and the chart of accounts could be in the product roadmap for Wave Connect.


    At present it is really hard work to be consistent in Wave when defining customers, products, accounts etc. - the web interface makes it hard work. Being able to see all customers, products and accounts and all details in spreadsheet, edit and then upload would be amazing.

    Plus as several people have commented below it is not possible at present to make a bulk change to products or customers.


  • AntonyUpwardAntonyUpward Member Posts: 8

    AND :smiley:@PaulC ...

    How about giving the possibility to populate other fields in via the bank transaction screen?

    For example:

    • Notes field - my bank and credit card companies provide a ton of info in their downloads that I can't upload right now which it would be very helpful to be able to see inside Wave. For example details of foreign exchange rates
    • Adding category, vendor, or customer - its hard work to do this via the web if you have a lot to do
    • Adding tax details

    How about being able to upload vendors and bills?

    • Vendors - because you've done customers... so why not? :wink:
    • Bills - because the web UI for creating / editing bills is still in version 1... especially when compared to the UI for invoices. I know Bill's aren't as sexy... but they are vital!

    And how about being able to upload a Wave Invoice you get from another Wave user as a Bill in your company's Wave! :smile:

    I am pleased to be getting (by email) more and more invoices from vendors / suppliers who are also using Wave... and then I have to re-key them! :-1: It would be such great advertising for Wave if every invoice sent by email / viewed on line had a button that said "Import this Invoice into your Wave Accounting" :smiley:

    Am I dreaming in technicolor, or is some of this possible?

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  • kFabregaskFabregas Member Posts: 1

    Is there a sheets/excel template for the bulk journal entries upload via wave connect? Trying to upload a few years worth of data -- figured out the bank statement csv upload, but it doesn't support categories -- so having to hand-select categories for several hundred records after upload. Can I do this in one step with a bulk journal upload?

  • Own_ItOwn_It Member Posts: 0

    When I try to upload invoices the validation never completes when I get at the step of validating the data. Also, if I try to skip the validation and go to uploading, it never ends too.

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  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,906 admin

    Hey @kFabregas , our Journal Transaction upload will only upload a single entry at a time. That entry can have numerous values to add to a number of different accounts, but you can still only add a single entry at a time.

  • SMEKINGZSMEKINGZ Member Posts: 1

    When uploading existing customer edits using google sheets wave connect, updates are created as duplicates. Is there a way to avoid this? The same issue with products and services.

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 1,774 admin

    Hey there @Own_It

    Are you seeing a constantly loading wheel or is there an error that appears at the validation step?

    Can you try clearing your browsers cache and cookies and be sure that you're using a secure web browser like Chrome or Firefox. Would you mind also trying to disconnect your Wave Connect entirely, then re-adding the plug in and trying this again?


    Would you mind sharing with me what method you're doing to edit your customer details through Wave Connect. If you enter a customer's name (even if they are an existing customer in your Wave account) it will create a new customer duplicate. You can edit your customer's details in your Wave account under Sales > Customers.

  • tonitii24tonitii24 Member Posts: 3

    Hi, I keep trying to use Wave Connect, but then Wave Connect overwrites and erases all of my data instead of putting it into columns. Then I try to copy and paste it back in, but it's not working!!!

    EDIT: I actually got the transactions to upload by bypassing the first step. However, now I have duplicates with the transactions already uploaded from my banks! AND my transactions aren't categorized, so what's the point?? So now I'm trying to delete all of my transactions in my account :(

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