Wave Connect: Easily import and export data with Wave's Google Sheets add-on



  • RoloDRoloD Member Posts: 1

    Exactly the same problem as Paulrad below:
    'when I try to connect my wave account from the spreadsheet menu, I get a message: "drive.google.com" refused to connect'
    Please help!

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  • ByRoByRo Member Posts: 1

    I cannot get wave connect to work. Google sheets refuses to connect to my wave account. Cannot download wave connect. Why? Keeps saying error 404

  • MB_BokkeeppingMB_Bokkeepping Member Posts: 7

    Having the same problem as many other users with Wave connect, error 404! Trying to get data exported to Zoho Books

  • WAVE_USER_86WAVE_USER_86 Member Posts: 1

    @Rpoirier said:
    I cannot get wave connect to work. Google sheets refuses to connect to my wave account for some reason. No error message, just a frowning face. I've spent over an hour trying to get it to work, uninstalled, re-installed, nothing works.

    Please let me know if you got a solution I experience the same problem.

  • Ibrahim4bizIbrahim4biz Member Posts: 2

    Having the same problem as many other users with Wave connect, error 404! Trying to get data exported to Zoho Books.. any solution ?

  • wcvdmwcvdm Member Posts: 3

    I am also having the same problem. When I click on "Add to Sheets" for data migration to Zoho Bokks I get the following error: "404. That’s an error. The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know."
    Can you please help!

  • MarijaMarija Member Posts: 2

    Looking forward to using Wave Connect with "Personal" business in my Wave account - one more vote to add that integration to feature roadmap.

  • yroyro Member Posts: 2

    Same issue.

  • PhilMcPhilMc Member Posts: 1

    Same error 404.

  • Emma_AdvisoryEmma_Advisory Member Posts: 2

    Same as below, trying to transition to Zoho books but error 404! Any solution would be very much appreciated!

  • NancyCNancyC Administrator Posts: 148 admin

    Hi @RoloD @ByRo @MB_Bokkeepping @WAVE_USER_86 @Ibrahim4biz @wcvdm @yro @PhilMc @Emma_Advisory Thank you so much for flagging this! It appears there was an issue with the Wave Connect link, but because this was brought to our attention, it should be fixed by now! Thanks again, everyone!

    In case the link still isn't working on your end, please click here to see if you're able to install Wave Connect.

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  • KeshavKeshav Member Posts: 1

    Not able to get data imported to Zoho. 404 error comes up when try to connect with wave using google sheets addon. Please help.

  • wcvdmwcvdm Member Posts: 3

    Hi Nancy
    Thanks for your reply and fix to the problem that a lot of people experienced. I managed to install the Add-On in Google forms, but when I want to connect to Wave via the Add-On it does not want to connect to Wave , thus I still cannot export my data and need to do so urgently. Google forms comes back with the following error "drive. google.com refused to connect."
    Can you help please.

  • MasHelpMasHelp Member Posts: 4

    I go through the process to download data from wave to google sheets, but it just keeps processing and no action or data. It has been going on now for over an hour.

  • JulianPJulianP Administrator Posts: 985 admin

    Hey @Keshav, @wcvdm , and @MasHelp !

    I'm sorry to hear that you are all experiencing issues with our Google Sheets add-on, Wave Connect. If you haven't already, I suggest trying some browser troubleshooting steps. We have a great Help Center article you can check out here.

  • MasHelpMasHelp Member Posts: 4

    We have already gone through browser remedies. It's not the browser, it's the dat size I believe. I have asked for a complete down load of my data is that possible?

  • DanH92DanH92 Member Posts: 1

    I am trying to convert all of my invoices over to Zoho. I have followed all of the steps multiple times and this continuously wont upload any data. Today I left it loading for over 4hours with still no data received in Google Sheets. Can you do this transfer on my behalf OR send me a file with all invoices in a .CSV file??

  • ShakiruShakiru Member Posts: 3

    @Here, when will the migration access from Wave to Zoho Books elapsed? When are we not going to have access to our database on Waves? Is there a specific date for the removal of other markets other than North Americas? Thanks.

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  • YLEYLE Member Posts: 2

    I run a consulting business.
    I'm trying to use this program to generate invoices from other spreadsheets generated from time-tracking software.
    I've managed to generate one test invoice with the software, but the fields are kind of all over the place. What I NEED is a direction to the documentation as to how to generate the invoice I want based on the fields that Wave Needs. Then it will simply be a matter of writing a script to transform one spreadsheet to another.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hey @MasHelp , if there's an issue with the data size, can you try downloading your data with a reduced number of fields? If you cut the fields down to a smaller number, you should be able to download the data in 2-3 batches and put it together.

    Hi @DanH92 , I'm afraid we're unable to send you your data from this end. Can you try what I've suggested to @MasHelp above? Downloading your invoices in a couple of different batches by reducing the number of fields that you're downloading in each batch should minimize how much you're downloading.

    @Shakiru We have no current plans to limit or restrict data to users who already have a business in Wave. Although we no longer allow for new sign ups outside of Canada and US, if you already have a business then you can continue to access it.

    Hi @YLE , when you prepare the upload sheet for invoices through Wave Connect, it allows you to select the fields that you want to import in. These are the fields that you can choose from when importing.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 8

    I am trying to download invoice & payments and its not working ive tried clearing cache, restarting, private window and incognito and nothings working PLEASE HELP need to invoice my clients today!

  • MasHelpMasHelp Member Posts: 4

    Hi Sir, thanks for the suggestion, but I already tried that and it didn't work.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 8

    So far we have lost a significant amount of money due to not being able to migrate to ZOHO from WAVE's end... almost as if WAVE is withholding our data~! Can someone please shed some light as to when this will be resolved so we can get paid??????????????

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 8

    has anyone resolved the issue????

  • KristenVKristenV Administrator Posts: 121 admin

    Hi @Dee, I understand you're having some trouble downloading your invoices to the Google spreadsheet using Wave Connect. Since the browser troubleshooting steps have not helped, are you able to provide a bit more information around what you're experiencing from your end? Please include the steps you've taken so far and where/when you run into an error. Thanks!

  • CarpetGuru_254CarpetGuru_254 Member Posts: 3

    Hello @AlexL , @KristenV, I've gone through the threads below and sadly, I'm also enlisting as a statistic in the list of those that are having trouble downloading Invoices. Personally, I've tried to minimize the Invoice information by selecting very few field items, selecting "Sent" as well as just the 2021 Invoices under the filtering section and finally, selecting the "Invoice data and line items" for download. Frustratingly, this approach sees just 800 out of 1200 Invoices "downloading" after which the progress on number of downloads disappears and seems to then go on for an eternity...Has there been any progress in finding a solution for this?

    I've got it! Turns out this approach has finally worked! Thanks!!!

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  • CarpetGuru_254CarpetGuru_254 Member Posts: 3

    Hi, As I download the customer information in readiness for the migration, I have found a need to include the multiple email addresses for our customers. These emails are usually set up under our recurrent Invoices. Under the "Emails" column of my sheet, can I include these multiple emails by separating each with a comma and if so, on uploading to Zoho Books, will these emails be incorporated?
    Case in point: We bill customer X each month via the recurring Invoices feature. There are five email recipients we have set up for customer X on Wave. Is there any way we could include the four other emails on the sheet that we shall then upload to Zoho Books?

  • NathanielONathanielO Member Posts: 1

    If you're having issues connecting to Wave from Google Sheets (showing drive.google.com failed to connect with a sad frowny face), that may mean that you have multiple Google accounts that are logged in. Try launching an Incognito tab and doing all the steps from there. That worked for me!

  • ProgramDavidProgramDavid Member Posts: 1

    I have several companies on one wave account. Once I've uploaded a customer list to one wave company can I easily access that same info for creating invoices in another company. Or do I have to upload the custom list all over again for each company?

  • RibierRibier Member Posts: 21

    Very good and I hope to see more features

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