Truck Driver Settlements

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I am an independent contractor, working as a truck driver (not an owner/no major capital equipment & payments.)

I drive from A to B, buy fuel, pay for permits, etc. The company pays me a Cents Per Mile rate, plus a "fuel surcharge"/partial reimbursement. When I arrive at that Point B, the company calculates a Contractor Settlement and forwards the final amount to me.

This statement is itemized with the expenses of the trip, and this may be the first place I see the actual debited or credited amounts. So I have this statement. I have tried treating it like an invoice, but Wave invoices don't seem to have a place for pass through line item charges & credits. I could go back and enter individual purchases, etc., but I want to keep each trip's expenses and earnings together.

Any ideas?


  • ErrolvErrolv Member Posts: 3

    The above is the long-winded version. Here it is, in one sentence:

    How can I keep all income and expenses for a given project together so that I can know this project's profitability?

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