Importing Customers from QuickBooks Online

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Hello, I have been using QuickBooks Online for the past four years and have all my customers (about 500) there. How can I import all my customers from QB Online to Wave?


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    Hey @ChiefGeek, if QB Online will export your customer list as a CSV (or a file type which you could convert over to CSV via Excel or Google Sheets for instance), then you should be able to upload by going to Sales > Customers > Import Customers.

    There is more information on uploading customers which you can check out here.

  • ChiefGeekChiefGeek Member Posts: 4

    Thanks was a lot of work converting the Excel file from QB Online to Wave, but I finally got it done and uploaded. :smiley:

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    The export file from QB online does not separate first and last name. It does not separate street address from city etc. Also, the import option does not allow for a ship to address, separate from the business address. This is important for drop shipping.

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    Hi @naltic, I'm afraid that to import your data into Wave using the CSV uploader, it does have to follow specific formatting rules. If your CSV file does not match the format, it will have to be edited before uploading. I understand that our formatting rules can be strict. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this. The following article will help you to organize your CSV before upload and contains a sample CSV file to help you format your CSV:

    An alternative to the CSV uploader is Wave Connect. Wave Connect is a Google Sheets integration that makes it more convenient to upload data to Wave. It even has a built in validator to help double check your data for errors!

    In regards to adding a Shipping Address for a customer, this will have to be added after they have been uploaded into Wave. By going to Sales > Customers and clicking on the desired customer in Wave, there is a Shipping Address section that can be filled out.

    For more information about Wave Connect, please see:

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