marking invoices as paid

NextLevelDetailNextLevelDetail Member Posts: 2

Hi, i generate around 400 invoices a month. is there an easier way to mark them as paid other than clicking on each individual invoice one at a time? any help would be very appreciated! thank you in advance.


  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 498 admin

    Hey @NextLevelDetail, unfortunately not. The only other way to do so would be to associate transactions that have already been created/imported by your bank with the outstanding invoices, which would likely be even more work. I can submit a feature request now however for the ability to bulk edit invoices. Also, congrats on your monthly invoicing number!

  • NextLevelDetailNextLevelDetail Member Posts: 2

    Hi, yes that would be awesome if you could! i really like this invoice program and i really do not want to switch to another one. i have played around with other ones that i can bulk edit as paid. however i am not a fan of everything else about the program. i would love to stick with wave! thank you for your help.

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