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Need help with accounting for 'drawings' or taking a draw by the owner. When I try to do this and try to take from my main checking account Wave says that all of this type of transaction must pass through a equity account. Say What?


  • MikegMikeg Member Posts: 908 ✭✭✭

    An owner draw is a reduction of equity. The entry would be debit owners equity (draw account) credit cash.

  • paul_logan66paul_logan66 Member Posts: 2

    Do I have to actually set up an equity account or do I simply transfer money into an existing equity account from the main checking account? Thanks Much. Is cash on have that I have received from customers that I put into what I call cash on hand belong in a equity account?

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    I believe that Wave sets up a draw account under the equity section of the chart of accounts, if not you can add one. By default Wave has a cash on hand account under assets. When I set up clients I always set up another cash account and name it their bank - checking. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by your last sentence. The entry for receipts is debit cash credit sales. When you import transactions into Wave, it is already doing doing one side of the entry. So for example the deposits are debits and expenses are credits. You then need to tell it the other side of the entry (drop down box). It is looking for the credits for deposits or loans to the business and debits for expenses or owners draw. So for deposits you would select sales for customer receipts. Hope that helps. You can email directly at [email protected] I'm a CPA and do bookkeeping and taxes.

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    I'm having a similar problem. When I transfer funds from my business account to myself as a draw, Wave has it categorized as a transfer. I am not able to re-assign the category as a draw. I can only make a note in the description of the type of transfer (owner's draw). When I create my reports, I have a Wave created category labeled "transfers". Do I delete the transfers and just manually enter them as owner's draws? Wave won't allow them to be relabeled otherwise.

    Thank you

  • ErikErik Member Posts: 194 admin

    Hi @ovhenderson are you creating a transfer from your Business Wave profile into your Personal Wave profile?

    If so, it is up to you; you can either leave them as transfers because that is what Wave is representing (a transfer from your business profile to your Personal profile). Or you can do as you suggested and manually create transactions to act as owner's draws.

  • ovhendersonovhenderson Member Posts: 5

    Thanks @Erik I have done it both ways in the past. I will go back and make corrections for uniformity.

  • PhilBoothPhilBooth Member Posts: 1

    @Erik I am wanting to move money out of the business bank account into my personal account, how should I do this?
    If I make the transfer in my internet banking, and then the transaction shows in Wave, how should this be categorised?
    "Personal Expense or Withdrawl" OR "Owner investment / Drawings"
    What is the difference?

  • MikegMikeg Member Posts: 908 ✭✭✭

    Owners draw.
    Mike G, CPA

  • Jen_HJen_H Member Posts: 1

    When I enter it as owner's investment/drawings it doesn't reduce the owner's equity - on the line items. The owner's investment/drawings are negative and the owner's equity is positive - is that correct?

  • KiahDKiahD Administrator Posts: 267 admin

    Hi @Jen_H !

    Owner's Equity is slightly different to Owner Investment/Drawings, in that it doesn't just include funds invested into and withdrawn from the business, but all business liabilities and assets.

    This means that you can have a negative value for Owner Investment/Drawings, while still maintaining a positive value for Owner's Equity.

    That said, could you provide some more context here on the specific transactions, and what exactly you're attempting to record? Screenshots would be great too, as they would give us a better idea of the scenario.

  • itspronouncedoshayitspronouncedoshay Member Posts: 1

    How do I actually start and complete a transfer from my business to personal checking, as in step by step? I want to do it as an owner's draw but I don't actually see a way to do a transfer

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