Remove Country from Address on Invoice

TNYTNY Member Posts: 3

The "Country" field of the vendor address is set on default by Wave on the invoice.
How do I remove it?


  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 492 admin

    Hey @TNY, to remove this you should be able to select the 'Edit customer' below the customer data when editing the invoice, and then navigate through the tabs to remove the country. It should allow you to put in a blank ('select country') as this section is optional. Then, going forward, this should not show on the invoices.

  • TNYTNY Member Posts: 3

    Thanks, I was referring to the company address that appears in the invoice. There does not seem to be an option to remove the country from the company address.

  • ErikErik Administrator Posts: 187 admin

    Hi @TNY at this time, this is not possible in Wave. Would it be alright if asked for a particular reason for the removal of the country? I'd love to bring this up with our Product Team so that they can look into implementing this in the future.

  • TNYTNY Member Posts: 3

    Hi Erik,
    All of my clients are in the same city, province, and country. It looks very odd to have the country listed on the invoice.

  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 460 admin

    Hey @TNY thanks for sharing that insight!

  • AKGeekAKGeek Member Posts: 4

    I would like to add that for us we do not wish to accept checks and having the address on the invoice would encourage people to send checks even though the pay online option is so clear.

  • coldsweatcoldsweat Member Posts: 3

    @erik I would also like the option to remove the country & province/state as well!!

    For some reason Wave is throwing City, State & Postal Code onto the same line on my invoices & TBH is looks like junk.... 'Grimsby,North East Lincolnshire DN31 XXX' all on one line.

    In the UK an official postal address does not use the County (State), but Wave insists I have it. Please Help????

  • ErikErik Administrator Posts: 187 admin

    @AKGeek @coldsweat thanks for chiming in!

    For now, you should be able to edit your business profile and omit some of your location details. You can do this by clicking Edit your business address and contact details in the header section on the Edit Invoice page.

    @coldsweat at this time, you are correct in saying that your account is required to have a country and province/state. I appreciate you bringing extra detail into this conversation; this is definitely something I can bring up to the team's attention.

    In the meantime, you should be able to separate Grimsby from the rest of the address like this:

    You can also technically separate the postal code in a similar fashion, but it would appear right after Grimsby:

  • coldsweatcoldsweat Member Posts: 3

    No cigar there unfortunately - The address also uses line 1 & 2 and so currently looks something like.....

    AnyCompany Ltd.
    Lincs House
    123 High Street
    Grimsby,North East Lincolnshire,DN31 2XX
    United Kingdom

    But officially should be....

    AnyCompany Ltd.
    Lincs House
    123 High Street
    DN31 2XX

    Hope that helps!

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  • IgorIgor Member Posts: 2

    Unless you do business abroad, nobody lists the country in UK

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