Automating Commission payments with Invoices

SherifzakiusSherifzakius Member Posts: 1

Hi, I have hired an outsourced sales agency to manage our outbound sales and our agreement is a commission percentage based on invoiced sales. We sell products from a few dozen suppliers and they are paid a commission on most but not all of them. I wanted to know if it was possible to do any of the following:
1 - Automatically generate a "bill" by commission percentage by specific suppliers
2 - Automatically generate a commission amount by invoice


  • JordanFromWaveJordanFromWave Administrator Posts: 150 admin

    Hi @Sherifzakius With Wave, invoices rely upon products in order to be saved. This means that you will need to create the items that you are looking to invoice for, through Sales > Products & Services. Once created, you can then add these items onto an invoice to be sent to customers. This means that each time you pay a commission to a vendor that is a different amount, you will need to create the item to generate the total on the invoice. Once you have created the product, it will be saved in your list so that if you would like to invoice for the same amount in commission again in the future, then you can select the product easily.

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