Error Submitting Payroll

EastonEaston Member Posts: 1

We had a computer freeze while reviewing payroll and accidentally submitted an incomplete payroll report. Is there any way to edit it? I see a delete button in "Approved Payrolls" but am not sure if that's what I need.
Any help would be much appreciate.


  • ChristopherChristopher Moderator Posts: 5

    Hi @Easton!

    Whilst you can't edit a payroll once it's been approved, if you are seeing the option to Delete it you can go ahead (there are a few reasons why you may be may be unable to delete, and the option would be greyed out, but that's a discussion for another time :) )

    Once it's been deleted you can then make any necessary changes, head back to Payroll > Run Payroll to review the period, and if it looks good; approve!

    edited January 25, 2018
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