Automate your bookkeeping – Connecting a bank account

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imageAutomate your bookkeeping – Connecting a bank account

We know how busy you are, and to save you time we’ve partnered with a specialist provider of secure bank data connections to automatically pull in your transactions and help you quickly and efficie...

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  • JamrJamr Member Posts: 31

    I just noticed you can no longer connect to my bank account. I dont expect to be using your site if you keep taking away services.

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 557 admin

    Sorry about that @Jamr. Can you let me know which bank you are trying to connect? I will include this data in our internal reporting as well as share it with our data provider for the long-term continuous improvement of our transaction import feature. Our bank data provider is constantly working to improve this functionality, so it is certainly worth checking back from time to time to try connecting again in the future.

    For information on how bank connections work, and what to expect, we recommend reading this article from our Help Centre.

    Please note that most bank connection issues can be resolved by following the steps outlined here.

    If you are unable to connect or reconnect your bank after following the steps outlined in our Help Centre we recommend entering your transactions by uploading electronic statements

  • JamrJamr Member Posts: 31

    The bank is; Capital One (Spark Business) (US)
    Here is info on the error.
    "What a shame. Your bank or credit card is no longer supported. Next best thing:
    upload a bank statement
    to quickly get your transactions into Wave. Or
    visit our help center
    to be notified if your bank is added back to our list in the future."

  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 515 admin

    @Jamr Capital One has recently changed their interface which means that our Data Provider is currently working on a way to re-establish connections with Capital One Spark specifically. In saying this, many users have found success in selecting a more generic Capital One option from the list of institutions and then finding their Spark account there. If this does not work, then I'm afraid that uploading statements will be the most effective way to import your transactions into Wave.

  • JamrJamr Member Posts: 31

    That explanation is different than the error stated. Why the difference? If the stated error is incorrect, why have an error explanation? This makes no sense.

  • zuzazuza Administrator Posts: 31 admin

    Hello @Jamr. We agree! The messaging here does not apply to the scenario at all.

    Long story short, we had two separate connections (Capital One and Spark) and they got merged into one (Both under Capital One). That error message is used when a bank is no longer supported by our third party data provider AND there is no alternate option. In this case, there is luckily a work around but the system just isn't smart enough to know (and therefore display) better messaging.

    That being said, have you been able to successfully reconnect your Spark business account using the new Capital One connection? Please let me know if you haven't and we'll go from there.

  • Diverse_BCDiverse_BC Member Posts: 1

    Thanks for the information. Hopefully some of these errors people are finding is cleared up soon.

  • JamrJamr Member Posts: 31

    I have opened up a new bank account (which is no small feat these days in the US), and can not seem to connect to it as the instructions after the initial connection with the bank are fuzzy.

    What does this mean? I have tried the email associated with the bank account, the phone number in the format exampled and the login ID of the bank account and all have came back with errors.

  • zuzazuza Administrator Posts: 31 admin

    Hey @Jamr - thanks for the screenshots. I am seeing a number of different issues on the back end with this particular bank, and I think this is actually an error with the connection itself. I want to provide our third party data provider with as much info as I can. Have any of the methods you've tried gotten as far as giving you the One Time Password the connection flow is requesting?

  • JamrJamr Member Posts: 31

    I did receive a code from my bank days later. I am not sure it was for this.

  • JamrJamr Member Posts: 31

    This is the error I received today. I entered my phone number with the formatting requested.
    I received no code.
    Thank you.

  • JamrJamr Member Posts: 31

    I tried to connect to my bank again today and after the third try I did receive a phone call. The automated voice said that this was an automated from "my financial institution" I am thinking this is the third party vendor that is suppose to make the connection work. The problem is that the instructions say to press #1 to hear the secure code, After pressing 1 over and over the systems acts like it hears nothing and eventually hangs up without giving me the pass code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why????????????????? Nothing works.
    I think technology is just too much for some companies to use properly.

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  • zuzazuza Administrator Posts: 31 admin

    Hello @Jamr . I'm going to reach out on your behalf to get this settled once and for all.

    Before I do so, can you please confirm that this URL works for you and you can login to your online account directly?

    Could you also please connect one more time so I have the most recent instance of a connection attempt to bring to the data service provider?
    Please let me know and I'll do my best to get some answers for you

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  • JamrJamr Member Posts: 31

    Tried today and it worked. I was able to connect the account to WAZE. Thank you.

  • FHRFHR Member Posts: 1

    is there a charge for this service?

  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 388 admin

    Hey @FHR, thanks for reaching out! Our accounting software is 100% free! we do offer some paid products to our users in North America, this Help Centre article outlines that for you!

  • Naomie_ThompsonNaomie_Thompson Member Posts: 1

    Does wave also connect with paypal business?

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,941 admin

    Hey @Naomie_Thompson . We do have a PayPal Business connection as well as a PayPal Integration that will import any transactions that hit your PayPal account. You can connect this under the Integrations button below the navigation bar.

  • MiaB_1066MiaB_1066 Member Posts: 1

    Good morning. I uploaded bank account information yesterday and followed instructions, considering my bank is not on your list. Can you add my bank to your list? Here is the link to my bank.
    I do have the information inputed but I would like to be able to connect the bank account so it would be more streamlined. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. Mia B.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,941 admin

    Hey @MiaB_1066 . Because our bank connections are run through a third party data aggregator, it's our aggregator who provides the ability to connect to a bank. If your bank is not currently supported by them, check back soon as they are always adding new integrations to connect with.

    In the meantime, feel free to use Wave Connect to get your transactions into Wave in the meantime.

  • RedGlenRedGlen Member Posts: 1

    Hi, I've just set up an account in Australia and the bank connection is not showing on my profile. Please help

  • ZildonZildon Member Posts: 1

    I want to handle my own bank accounts. I don't want to be connected to another bank. I'm less than 1/4 mile from my bank and it is located in a plaza with everything I need professionally and personally.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,941 admin

    Hey @RedGlen . We've discontinued the ability for new users outside of USA and Canada to connect their bank to Wave. You can read more about our decision in the thread here.

    Hi @Zildon . Wave is not a bank, we're an online accounting platform. Feel free to expand on your concerns and I'd be happy to address them.

  • David_autofile_MLDavid_autofile_ML Member Posts: 21

    As a passionate user of Wave and with the Wave support for Bank connections being depreciated 31 December 2019 outside North America, autofile.ML has a developed a module to fetch an emailed bank statement store it in your Google Drive and feed the transactions into Wave.

  • MichaeldeckMichaeldeck Member Posts: 1

    can I upload all transactions from a bank checking account from 1/1/2019 thru 12/31/2019???

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 1,811 admin

    Hey @Michaeldeck

    Often times your bank may not let our third party data aggregator reach that far into your bank statements. But if that's the case you should be able to ask for your statements from that far back from your bank in CSV format and upload them using our CSV uploader

  • mjhmjh Member, Administrator Posts: 9 admin

    @Michaeldeck said:
    can I upload all transactions from a bank checking account from 1/1/2019 thru 12/31/2019???

    Hi, when choosing what date to import transactions from, you can choose a start date of 1/1/2019 but you cannot choose an end date. The end date is always today or "most recent".

    What you can do after they have imported is go to the Transactions page and filter by date, 1/1/2020 - today and batch edit those.

    Also I should mention again that usually our bank data provider will get over a year's worth of transactions, there are times when they cannot.

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