iOS Transactions instead of iOS Receipts

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Hi Wave team,

Would like to suggest a more streamlined Receipts process that will increase productivity significantly

Current iOS Receipts process:
1) iOS Take photo of receipt/bill,
2) Verify merchant, date, account category, amount tax --> Post to Accounting
3) Open full web browser on a separate laptop/desktop device
4) Login, open Accounting -> Transaction page -> filter dates ->
5) Find receipt or bank feed
6) Delete, Merge or update details
7) Look for transaction again
8) Verify

New Process for iOS Transactions App
1) Filter/Search for bank feed transaction by date or Create new transaction (Income or expense)
2) Upload photo or .pdf evidence
3) Verify date, description, amount, tax, category, account etc.
4) Verify (100% complete)

Transactions Page functionality on Full Site

  • Suggestions*
  • Allow attachments of evidence (Receipts, Photos and .pdfs) Directly from the transaction
  • Create quick filter buttons to filter by month (quicker loading times)
  • Create quick filter button to filter by financial year (or left and right buttons to filter between financial year)

Hope it that all makes some sense.
Does anyone have similar thoughts? Has this been considered?

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