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TheatreJuiceTheatreJuice Member Posts: 2

One of our promises to our clients are affordable payment plans over a period of time. These schedules change and can include anywhere between 2 weeks between installments and 4 weeks. We would love to utilize a system where we can create payment plans and tailor the dates for our guests. At this time, we send reminders before each installment as our current invoicing system does not do automatic payments, but autopay could also be a handy feature although totally not required. This feature currently is a make-or-break for our business, and I want to cancel our current invoicing system once this goes live on Wave.


  • CAScreatorCAScreator Member Posts: 3

    My company does a 20-50-25-5% payment schedule and right now as a new Wave user I can't figure out how to make this happen. Ideally I'd like to have one invoice with different custom payment dates that shows the running balance. So when a payment is made, the balance gets lower. Then I could re-send the invoice every time a payment is due. That would be so great.

  • ErikErik Administrator Posts: 187 admin

    Hi @TheatreJuice @CAScreator, at this time, our recurring invoices can only send a single invoice template using a regular schedule. For example, an invoice can be sent out asking for $20 payments every month.

    What it can't do, for now, is have flexible payment terms (e.g. varying payment amounts over time, changing payment dates). While this currently can't be done in Wave, it is certainly a great idea -- I will bring this up to the team as a feature request on your behalf! Thank you for the feedback!

  • Your_Little_Bundle1Your_Little_Bundle1 Member Posts: 1

    I would love to see this as well. We, also tailor payment plans to our clients needs. It often includes a down payment and 3 additional payments--typically billed monthly. Currently I am using the notes section, but would love to set up payments for our clients and then follow up with options of sending reminders, etc...

    Thank you so much for your consideration!!!

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