Automatic payment confirmation and receipts!

deyamiraphotographydeyamiraphotography Member Posts: 4

Please add this to the queue, it is starting to become a headache. Thank you!


  • ErikErik Administrator Posts: 187 admin

    Hey @deyamiraphotography, thanks for expressing your interest in this feature! I've brought it up to our Product Team but can't make any promises on this because I don't currently see any plans for it. However, I've made sure they saw your enthusiasm on the topic!

  • RahimRahim Administrator Posts: 91 admin


    I'd like to dig into this request a bit more with you. Can you explain what you are looking for with automatic payment confirmations and receipts? We currently have automatic payment receipts for automatic payments on recurring invoices. Also, whenever a payment is made by a customer online, they can view their receipt instantly.



  • deyamiraphotographydeyamiraphotography Member Posts: 4
    Almost all of my customers complain that they did not receive an emailed receipt after paying an invoice. Just a simple automatic receipt email would be nice. I do not use recurring invoices.
  • RahimRahim Administrator Posts: 91 admin

    @deyamiraphotography Are these payments online using their credit card or payments they give you that you manually add (payments via cash or check or other means)? They would not receive an email automatically and you would receive an email that you got paid to prompt you to send a receipt. This is so you can add a personalized message along with the receipt!

  • deyamiraphotographydeyamiraphotography Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the Swift reply, maybe an option to just send the receipt without a message for the sake of automation. Most of my payments are online via credit
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