Ecommerce Transaction Setup Issue

PlentifulEarthPlentifulEarth Member Posts: 5

I'm currently connecting:

  • Paypal
  • Amazon Seller Central
  • Stripe
  • Bank Account

I'm running into an issue of duplicate charges between my PayPal and Business Bank Account, also between Stripe and my Business Bank Account.

PayPal is used to buy goods, and sometimes, PayPal pulls from my Bank Account -- this causes duplicate transactions in Wave. The same thing happens with payouts. Payouts sent to my Bank Account show up twice in Wave -- once for PayPal and once for the Bank Account.

Stripe and my Bank Account are showing duplicate transactions for payouts sent from Stripe to the Bank Account.

How do I make Wave realize that these are the same transaction?

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  • ErikErik Administrator Posts: 193 admin

    Hey @PlentifulEarth, at this time, Wave is not able to automatically recognize that these transactions are the same. For the time being, you would be able to either merge or delete the duplicates. However, I'll be sure to bring this up to our Product Team for further discussion for the future!

  • PlentifulEarthPlentifulEarth Member Posts: 5

    Thanks, Erik!

    Looking forward to the potential future addition!

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