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Lennox_TradieLennox_Tradie Member Posts: 3
I have recently activated Credit Card payment on my wave account. It worked great for the first 2 transactions then over 2weeks ago Stripe decided to hold my money back while they invest my integrity. No indication of the freeze on my account and I have had no luck to date as why they can’t release my funds. Does this kind of thing happen a lot with stripe.
Does ANYONE know who I can contact to get this sorted out. I’m at my whits end and Stripe are either deaf or stupid. They are impossible to talk to. Does anyone have a contact number for Stripe.


  • Lennox_TradieLennox_Tradie Member Posts: 3
    A supervisor named Roy from Stripe has offered to help me get my funds released after I give him access to my social media and send him photos of my recent jobs I have done
    Is this normal practice From stripe
  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 480 admin

    Hey @Lennox_Tradie, Stripe will occasionally reach out to verify a transaction, and while it is normal to request some details (proof of business such as websites, contracts, invoices, etc) but I would definitely be wary of anyone asking for access to your social media, or any sort of photos. While it may be normal for them to ask you to link them to a social media thread for your business (i.e. ask for the URL for your public business instagram or facebook) they should not require being able to login to it.

    Stripe support can be accessed here: They do have 24/7 call and chat support, and they should be able to confirm for sure whether or not this request is legit. I'd recommend phone support specifically in this case just so you can verify you're dealing with a real Stripe supervisor.

  • Lennox_TradieLennox_Tradie Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Samd for cleaning up some of my concerns.
    I am Lennox_Tradie and I run a Handyman Business out of Lennox Head.
    The Stripe KYC (Know your Customer) review team that is investing my company has been very hard to communicate with. I tried their call back services but after 2 attempts And 22 hours later I gave up on this form of communication.
    The best form of communication that I found was their live chat where I typed to a guy in Ireland about my delayed payment from Stripe. Although was very understanding he was not able to solve my problem as the KYC team isn’t reached by any other means than email to him or anyone else either and having a 24hour reply period I had no choice but to persevere the wait in reply.
    During this email KYC investigation process I was forced to communicate my plea for a swift resolve with 4 different membyof the KYC team.
    It should have been called the Know your KYC team as I had all 4 people requesting different actions from me.
    I had to send them photos of myself, my Work Ute and a photo of a recent job I did as well as a copy of a recent invoice.

    Unfortunately the KYC team didn’t communicate very well with each other and so I had to go through this frustrating process numitimes to the point where I became so frustrated and angry that my communication became somewhat sarcastic and inevitably unproductive.
    Finally after 3 weeks of email ping pong it seems that the KYC team at Stripe finally decided that I am actually a handyman working in Lennox Head Australia and have decided to release my $2500 funds less a $44 fee for their services..!
    The money still hasn’t been released yet and I expect the delay may take time as their 24 hour communication policy can slow things up within their own Admin as well.

    My last email from Stripe stated that they apologised for the stress caused in the KYC process and that .... get this.. that may need to do another KYC investigation again soon...?

    This whole process of dealing with Stripe has convinced me to turn off the Pay by Credit Card feature and rely on direct deposit as I cannot mentally and financially afford to go through this process again.

    Cheers Lennox_Tradie
  • ErikErik Administrator Posts: 187 admin

    Hi @Lennox_Tradie, thank you for taking the time to outline your experiences so clearly. While we have no control over the specific processes over at Stripe, I still want to apologize for the complications you had to go through here and completely understand your frustration.

    It sounds like things have closed off on that front, but please don't hesitate to reach out if you ever need additional clarification on things moving forward -- we will certainly be able to help in that regard should you need it.

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