2 Businesses - 2 Stripe accounts?

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Hi all,
I have 2 businesses which I want to use Wave with.

For the 1st business, I have connected a Stripe account to that business bank account, no problem.

However, for the 2nd business, I also want to accept payments via Stripe.

1) Is it possible to have to bank accounts within Stripe?
2) If not, can I just create a new Stripe account for the 2nd business, so when I then select my 2nd business, and go to 'Payments', I can log into the 2nd Stripe account.... basically, will Wave allow me to log into 2 Stripe accounts (2 businesses) under the one main Wave account?


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    Sorry, Under Point 1) Above, it should read: Is it possible to have TWO bank accounts within Stripe?

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    Answered my own question with trial & error. For anyone else...

    YES, you can have 2 businesses / accounts under the 1 parent Stripe Account

    Once you have the 2 accounts set-up in Stripe, when you go back to Wave and accept card payments for the 2nd business, when configuring, you choose which Stripe account to associate with.

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    @Reza - To answer your question...

    I operate / own 2 totally unrelated businesses, so understandably I have 2 bank accounts.
    I wanted to be able to accept card payments for each business, and each card payment to go into the related bank account.

    I posted above solution to my issue in the hope it will help others in future.

    BTW, I'm in Ireland and was able to set-up 2 EUR accounts

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    @SortIT thanks for posting the solution you found! This is really helpful (for us and for other users).

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