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Hello,I am a professional full time accountant that does bookkeeping/consulting on the side. I work remotely, but am based in sunny Sarasota FL. You will have my personal phone number to call or text with questions. This is done on the side so I charge much lower than a CPA or full time bookkeeper. I am also available during the evenings and weeknights. Don't want to pay large fees to a professional bookkeeper then check with me and see if I can help you.

A little about me, I have a Bachelors in Accounting and a masters in Business Administration. My career started out in public accounting mainly doing taxes for rental properties and foreign tax issues. I then moved on to become the accounting manager for a large single owner marketing/sales company. Currently I am an accounting for a nationally recognized regional healthcare system. I am a certified expert in Quickbooks online and am also a Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP)

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    hello. i live in panama city and have just started to help my panamanian husband organize his financials for his very small and informal (mostly cash based) home remodeling business. i am a bit lost on what to do and need some help in setting up the chart of accounts and classifying things. are you open to a few hours of consulting to help me get started? i understand the basics of income statement and balance sheet, and have figured out the "system" aspects of wave (and have successfully imported the past two years of bank statements). i'm not sure how to tie expenses and revenues against each other for larger projects for his traditional clients, and am totally confused how to handle when we purchase a house to remodel and sell again. can you help?

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    Sent you a message

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    Hi @troympapa , how do I reach you? I'd like to discuss your services. thnx

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