How can I sort my products by sales to determine the top sellers

StokesStokes Member Posts: 2

I have seven products and need to track which ones are the best sellers and which ones are the lowest in sales. How can I do this? Its critical for business decision making.


  • E_A1E_A1 Member Posts: 1
    I have this issue as well. Would really liketo get an answer
  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 460 admin

    Hey @Stokes and @E_A1, unfortunately, Wave does not have a report for Products. As a work-around, however, if you click 'Settings' and then 'Export Data', Wave will create a package of export data files for you, one of which is called 'invoice_items.csv'. This file itemizes all your invoice line items, so using a spreadsheet you should be able to quickly add up the totals you require. I know it's not ideal, but in lieu of a direct way to do this in Wave, I figured it's worth mentioning!

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