What to do if Wave can't read your statement in CSV format



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    Where can we have a column for transaction type? Very important for expenses.

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    @AlexL said:
    HI @semiconducted . Please ensure your .csv file is less than 100 lines and that there's no additional information other than the three columns in each row.

    If this doesn't work for you, try using our Google Sheets integration called Wave Connect which should make it easier for you to get your transactions into Wave.

    There should be a minimum of 5 columns

    1. Date
    2. Description
    3. Deposit (amount)
    4. Withdrawal (amount)
    5. Category (expense type!)
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    @ConnorM said:
    Hey @hachehache! Are you referring to the ability to have a 'Category' column in a CSV? Unfortunately, that would not be possible, as it would not be readable by our statement uploader tool. Categories when uploading statements manually are going to need to be added manually to the transactions as well. The first section in this Help Center article will help you to bulk categorize similar transactions, though!

    A silly lack of functionality. The whole point of uploading a file is to avoid "manually" setting them up one by one. Uploading just the transactions and then actually manually going into 500 of them to change the Category is idiotic.

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    Hope Wave is paying attention based on how 59 out of 190 people have found this useful. Please make the CSV format clear in the UX, and allow to actually upload all the automation data: date, description, deposit amount, withdrawal amount, AND category of each deposit/withdrawal. And it'll be helpful to know if there's a limit of rows to upload. Something like 500 transactions isn't a very large task, a 100 of them is silly. Five files for just 500 transactions!

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    @PaulC said:
    @joseph27 @MADWORK @Annette17 We know that CSV uploads are really fiddly. Your solution to carefully prepare the data in a spreadsheet is absolutely on-point. We do now have an additional option that will make this easier, however - check out our new Wave Connect add-on for Google Sheets.

    Wave Connect will let you upload transactions directly from Google Sheets into your Wave account. It walks you through a simple 3-step process: Create the sheet headings; Validate your data; Upload. The Validate step will make sure your data is correct, and report any issues for you to fix before you try to upload.

    Please give it a go, and let us know how you get on!

    Doesn't work. After I told the Wave Connect tool in Step 1 that I have two separate columns, in Step 2 it kept looking for "a column" (one column) called "Amount". What the heck? Who's designing the UX for these tools?

    No need for all this complexity. Tell us what the CSV format should be for the 5 things needed in a transaction: date, description, type (Category), deposit amount, withdrawal amount.

    If you force the structure and communicate it clearly, we can do this simply. Nowhere is it well documented. Dates might have month or day first. Why not force a format and we can simply tell our files to follow that. Deposits/withdrawals - same, why not force a format including header names?

    No need for tools like Wave Connect because people have varied spreadsheets and sources. Tell us how to structure the CSV. Without that, all the helpful UI in the main WaveApp is pointless and forcing me to explore other tools.

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    Hi @VBL_Link,

    Using Wave Connect, if you say in Step 1 that you are using separate columns for inflows and outflows, and then click the 'Prepare Input Sheet' button, you will get four column headings, like this:

    Step 2 of the Wave Connect flow does not actually refer to your selection in Step 1 - it always just looks for valid column headings. You can use the 'Prepare' button in step 1, or just type these given column headings in to your spreadsheet.

    For CSV uploads, we do provide a downloadable excel template that details the correct data formats. I notice, however, that the link to this is not displaying correctly as a hyperlink, so I'm not at all surprised you missed it. We'll get that fixed now - sorry for the inconvenience.

    Click here to download the template.

    Hope that helps.

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    I am getting an error trying to upload statements!

    Sorry, you have been blocked
    You are unable to access waveapps.com

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    @PaulMatthewsVO There can be a myriad of reasons as to why a block with that specific error message can occur. Often, it has something to do with the file itself.

    For CSV uploads specifically, we do provide a template that details the correct data formats.

    Click here to download the template to use for a CSV upload.

    If the file is an accepted format and the template is used properly and the issue persists, the next step is completing browser/network troubleshooting:

    • If you're using a VPN, please disable it.
    • Please power-cycle your modem and/or router. A great article that walks you through how to do this, and why it helps is available here.
    • Try connecting to a different network. The fastest way to do this is usually to tether to your mobile device.
      If you're still having trouble, please make sure that your browser is compatible with Wave.
      Disabling your antivirus software, or adding waveapps.com to your antivirus whitelist should resolve any access issues with importing.

    Hope this helps! Cheers.

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    I am still getting a date error - what is wrong with this (extract from a test editor):
    20/03/2020,COLES 4418 HOPE ISLAND AUS,,83.02

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    Hey @dinah

    Typically we've seen uploading issues with users who are on a VPN or have some network firewall issues. Also some antivirus programs have issues with uploading or downloading content from a browser. I'm curious if this may be causing the communication error. I see that your error message specifically mentions the date, but it might be worth trying to use a chrome incognito browser here to see if this might work. Also disabling your VPN or Antivirus temporarily for the upload.

    Alternatively have you looked into Wave Connect as a backup?

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    How can I enter a bank statement manually?

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 2,041 admin

    Hey there @Classicjazz_1

    CSV Uploader

    Using our CSV uploader. With the proper formatting, you are able to download a CSV document containing all of your transactions from your online banking website, and upload them directly to Wave. Check out this article on Troubleshooting your csv upload if you run into any problems when uploading your transactions.

    Wave Connect

    My personal favorite method is WAVE CONNECT.
    Wave Connect allows you to upload or download transactional data, invoices, customer lists, etc, into a Google spreadsheet. Your excel files can be easily transferred into a Google Spreadsheet as well. See this image below of what Wave Connect looks like:
    image All you need to do is input the transactional information into a template that is generated through the add-on feature in Google sheets and it auto-populates right into your Wave account once you've validated the data.

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    I'm trying to upload my bank statement in CSV format, I have corrected all the columns as per the recommended format but I'm still getting the error "Wave is having difficulty reading the amounts of your transactions", I have checked multiple times but there is not error in the format. Please guide.

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    Hey @SachinJade! I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with this! Can you share a screenshot of your CSV file here? Feel free to redact any sensitive information before sharing and we would be happy to take a look.

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    Wave chokes on the DD/MM/YYY date format probably over 1/3 of the time.
    If the first date in the colum has DD in 01 to12, then Wave can interpret the date as MM/DD/YY and then it will either import the data with the dates wrongly formatted, or, if you have a date entry in the day 13-31 range, it will give you the error about having difficulty reading your dates.
    The workaround is to ensure that the first date in your column has a day in the 13-31 range - move a row from elsewhere to do this or make a fake entry or null entry that you can delete from wave later.

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    As stated below, there appears to be a glitch that has never been an issue in the past for me - some transactions imported as CSV are coming through fine with DD/MM/YYYY and others are choosing to change the date to MM/DD/YYYY. Highly irritating to have to correct them all manually to the right date when it's never been an issue in the past.

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    @KevH appreciate your insight here into how users can get this working for them!

    @paperwings Are there consistent dates across full uploads or are you seeing varied dates within the same upload? If so, is there any pattern that you can spot here? Is it uploading transactions in chunks that belong to one date and chunks that belong to another?

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    @AlexL I did ask to get my support ticket for this sent through as a bug report, but it seems to be looked at as a feature request. Perhaps you could dig it out? Subject is "Date parsing in CSV files" in the last week.

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    Hey @KevH. I'm going to bring up what you've proposed here (and in the support ticket) with the integrations team to see if it's something that can be permanently resolved, but I can't say for sure that it will be implemented any time soon (I don't want to set unrealistic expectations). I do want to thank you for taking the time and putting in the effort to share with the community on how to potentially resolve some future importing issues.

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    It's really strange that Wave app can't read the dates format by the xls file Wave exported! I'm stuck here, not being able to re-import the xls back to Wave.

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    Hey there @Nom

    Would you mind expanding a bit upon any errors you might be seeing or potentially a screenshot of what your xls formatting looks like so we can potentially diagnose what might be happening? Any and all additional information you can provide would help us greatly!

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    You have the CSV sheet password protected.

  • CalliePCallieP Administrator Posts: 439 admin

    Hey @Shannon_FL , thanks for commenting here. I'm afraid I'm not quite sure what your question is - would you be able to clarify and provide a bit more context? Are you referring to your own Wave account, or are you responding to another user? This will enable us to help you best!

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    You can't edit the template without providing a password, thus the template is "password protected".

  • CalliePCallieP Administrator Posts: 439 admin

    Hey @Shannon_FL , thanks for messaging me back! The template we provide is there as an example and is not meant to be edited, as it is the same file for all users to be able view for reference. The edits you would want to make to a CSV would be to your own CSV file rather than Wave's!

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    Uploading a bank statement into WaveApps is a nightmare. Why is interpreting dates such a difficult problem to solve? I have wasted 3 hours trying all permutations and combinations and still not able to get 10 bank entries uploaded!

  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 1,229 admin

    Hey @wearecruxlabs! Have you tried using the template that's listed out at the bottom of this Help Center article? What I might recommend doing, if this set of transactions is still giving you grief after following all of the steps listed out in the article you're commenting on, would be to simply manually enter these transactions. If you only have 10 to upload, it may be worth your time to just pop them in! I'd really recommend going through each and every step in this article first, though!

  • wearecruxlabswearecruxlabs Member Posts: 4

    @ConnorM - I did follow each and every step. Actually been using this method for over 2 years now to upload our statements. This time, none of the previous tricks worked. But from one of the responses, found about the Google sheet suggested method - used that. With a little bit of copy pasting and changing columns, that approach worked. Looks like that is the most consistent approach. Entering manually was possible this time, but is really not a solution my friend :) Thanks.

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    Unable to change upload to the deposit column !
    The system has selected the debit (Money Out) column and will not allow me to change it to the correct credit (Money In) column.
    There are only values in the debit column for this particular time period, but that doesn't explain why the upload routine won't allow me to change column as it has recognised it from the header fields

  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 1,229 admin

    Hey @JCD! Thanks for reaching out here, and I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you're seeing with this. For the values in the credit column, are they entirely blank? You'll want to fill that column with 0s in order for the system to recognize your CSV correctly here.

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