Billing One Client with Multiple Seperate Invoices

ParalegalParalegal Member Posts: 2
I am a freelancer/contractor. I can’t figure out the easiest way to set up Wave for what I need. The customer would be the firm that hired me, but I need to be able to create sub-invoices for each legal case I work on. I’m Quickbooks, I just add a sub-client. Any ideas?


  • eliteacchkeliteacchk Member Posts: 31

    Is there a reason why you need to use "sub invoices" and "sub clients", rather just bill the client with an invoice for each case?

  • ParalegalParalegal Member Posts: 2
    In the “To” line it will show to the firm’s client and not the Firm. I wanted thoughts on the right way to set this up.
  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 498 admin

    Hey @Paralegal, there isn't currently a way to create a sub-invoice or sub-clients within Wave, but its a great suggestion and I'll submit a feature request right now. In Wave there are two possible workarounds that I can think of:

    1) Generate one invoice (or an invoice for each time you bill) the firm that hired you. You could then add a line item per 'case' you handled, and detail the fee breakdown in the description.


    2) Generate an invoice for each sub-client. You'd still be billing this to your hiring firm, but in each invoice you could include notes regarding which client this pertains to, and break down the fees into line items.

    Hopefully this helps!

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