Deleted invoice still appearing in Trial Balance report

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I see this has been posted before but there hasn't been a solution posted?
I deleted an invoice that I had accidentally posted twice but it still appears on my Trial Balance under Accounts Receivable.
When I click on the link it goes to "Page Doesn't Exist"

I tried to recreate the invoice with the same invoice number and I was able to do so without an error message. But then the report showed BOTH invoices. I was able to successfully delete the second version but the first version is still there in the rial balance.

Please help!


  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 560 admin

    Hey @LittleFish, can you let me know if it is still showing on your end? It looks like we had rolled out a fix that should have corrected this on all accounts on December 10th (originally we hoped to apply the fix earlier but there were a few delays) so it should be good to go. If not though we will get this sorted for you.

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    Hi Sam,

    I'm having the same problem still. I deleted some Invoices that had errors in them but two are still showing up on my Profit and Loss Reports and can be reconciled against transactions but they don't exist in my invoice database. Is there a fix still coming for this?


  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 461 admin

    Hey @ldg1980 thanks for letting us know! I'll need to dig in a bit further, so I'm going to send you an email and we can go from there. Happy New Years!

  • LittleFishLittleFish Member Posts: 9

    Just encountered another version of the problem which is that the amount showing in the Trial Balance and the amount showing on the report are 2 different amounts. The amount showing on the account reconciliation is the same as the amount on the TB but am unable to reconcile it because when I click to the account report it shows a different closing balance.

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 993 admin

    Hi @LittleFish. If you could please post a screenshot of the transaction that's displaying on the Trial Balance report, and then also a screenshot of what you see in the Account Transactions section, that would be greatly appreciated in determining what could be going on here.

  • LittleFishLittleFish Member Posts: 9

    Hi @JamieD
    Refer to account "Glen Garriff - Nedbank" on TB and then the balance showing on the report is different

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    @LittleFish I've responded your comment in the following thread. Let's continue the conversation there so it's all in one place.

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