Updated - Experienced Maryland CPA available

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New website launched this week. Please visit https://mgfinancial.net to see the services we offer as well as pricing. We make everyone feel like they are our biggest client.
My name is Mike Granata (MG Financial Services CPA LLC) and I am a CPA with over 30 years of experience in accounting and taxes. I am located in Maryland but service clients from coast to coast. Through the cloud, I can assist you with accounting, payroll, compensation issues and various tax filings. (federal, state, local, property, payroll and sales). Experienced in C corp, S corp, LLC, partnership and individual taxation. I offer great service at a reasonable prices and make myself available during the evenings and weekends. My experience has ranged from single owner businesses through billion dollar publicly traded companies and everything in between. In addition, I am also a registered investment adviser and my firm brochure can be found on the SEC website. Contact me at [email protected] or 443-851-4054

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    Glad to hear you had such a wonderful experience @DawnT! @Mikeg is a valued member of the Wave community, so we couldn't agree more!

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    Ayyy @Mikeg stoked to see this! If your presence in this community is any indication, then I'm sure that working with you is an absolute pleasure. Love it!

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    I can't recommend @Mikeg enough...

    We had a pretty messy set of books on our hands and needed some professional help to get things back in order. Within a half hour, Mike had responded to our email with a phone call. 2 days later, everything is fixed and working flawlessly. This dude is an absolute professional and a genuinely nice guy to work with.

    Thanks again Mike, you have a customer for life.

  • Kevin_and_Huey1Kevin_and_Huey1 Member Posts: 1

    Mike was wonderful to work with. I needed some help with entries in WAVE from when we initially started our business last October. He was kind, patient, and was able to explain things in terms I could understand. His rates are reasonable and he had some great advice! I had been stressed out about finding the right kind of help in WAVE for end of year tax preparation, and he was able to help with my issues easily and efficiently. I would highly recommend him! @mikeg

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    Just stopping by to recommend the services of Mike. He helped set me up for success on Wave, adding two properties and two LLCs. I'm pretty handy at this stuff but depreciation and properly reporting mortgage payments needed a professional, and mike saved the day.

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    We hired Mike to efficiently and accurately fix our bookkeeping. His rates were very reasonable, he was incredibly thorough, and he clearly knows his trade well. He did such a good job that we sent him our tax return from last year to catch any mistakes our last accountant missed. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for accounting services.

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    I had a great experience with Mike. He helped me organize 3 separate LLCs and straighten out books moving forward. Mike answers the phone and responds to emails very quickly. His answers to my questions were easy to understood, and he took time to further explain if I still was unsure. Look forward to working with Mike more down the road!

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    I’ve been working with Mike Granata since early 2020 and he is an invaluable resource. Like so many others, I found him due to his servant’s heart and helpful advice on the wave forums. I reached out and now have his help reviewing my business’s books quarterly, and he has prepared and submitted my business and personal taxes (quite complicated with multiple businesses!) annually for 2 years. He has demonstrated such patience with me as a new business owner, teaching me accounting as we go so I understand why he is recommending the changes he has. I can sleep at night without fretting audit because of him, and SO reasonably priced! (Probably too much so, but don’t tell him I said that! 😂)
    -a very happy Washington DC client
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