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    Hey there @CC_84

    At this time we do not have an option to export receipts by date. Like any tech company, our team is prioritizing a list of feature requests to make Wave a better experience, and at the moment, to be completely honest this isn't on the horizon. We appreciate the feedback and feature request and hope you understand our workflow as we get through a long list of priorities to make our program suit everyone.

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    Hey @CC_84 , thank you for your interest in Wave's receipts feature. I'm afraid that there are no updates on being able to set a date range for the receipt export. Here are some tips that you may find helpful in managing your receipts:

    1. As @Tyler mentioned above, all of your Receipt images can be found under Purchases > Receipts. By clicking the individual receipt(s), you are presented with a "View original receipt" button. Pressing this button will bring you to a full sized image of the receipt that you can download.

    2. When exported, the individual receipt images have names that begin with yyyy-mm-dd. If you sort the files in the exported receipts folder by name, the images will arrange themselves by date.

    We really appreciate your insight on how specific features can be game changers in Wave! Knowing things such as how often you'd use it, how much time you think it'd save you on a monthly basis and your current method of handling this type of thing would be super useful. Our Product Team is always looking for ways to make Wave better.

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    Actually it would be quite something if you could have the export be ONE continuous PDF file opposed to individual files.

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