Changing Income Accounts for products help :)

flipswitchflipswitch Member Posts: 1

Hello :)
I recently went back and noticed some errors in my income accounts and what products were attached to them.
I went and edited each product to link to the correct income account BUT when I run the annual report it has not changed it for past sales.
Is there a way to have this edit apply retroactively?
Thank you !


  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 480 admin

    Hey @flipswitch, sorry about that! When editing things like this, it doesn't automatically impact historical transactions (just to preserve data), but as you've noticed this can cause other problems.

    So! You can bulk edit the categories on the transactions that were categorized incorrectly. Head to Accounting > Transactions, and then filter your view down to show just the income accounts to which things were categorized incorrectly. Select all, or go through and select the transactions you want to move if you are leaving some alone. You should be able to then select Edit, and change the category into correct income account. I hope this helps!

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