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I sent an invoice to my client and they have paid 50% for booking of my service. The partial payment works well with displaying of the paid amount and balance to be paid which is another 50%.

Upon job completion, i want to charge my client another 50% for the last payment. I try to send the same original invoice which has now shown the amount paid and balance, however i can't change the invoice date. The latest invoice should be able to cater for the new date as I will be sending another updated invoice which shown the amount remaining to be paid but I can't be using the old date of the initial invoice sent out because it is not fair (send the first invoice on 26 Nov 2018) and my terms of payment is 30 days. If I can't change the invoice date, what is the solution?


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    Hey @ak7! You bring up a definite limitation with our invoices as they stands, but before I provide some workarounds I just wanted to let you know we're updating the platform our invoices run on, and deposits and partial payments are one of the items we are going to be making much easier. No ETA as of yet just because it involves migrating invoices over to this new platform, but keep an eye out for that update.

    So, I think in this scenario the best thing to do would be to head to the partially paid invoice, and edit it so that the invoice total is equal to the 50% payment your customer already processed. This will close the original out as paid, and you can then generate a second invoice for the remainder, to be sent out with updated dates. I would also include a note on this second invoice that the first instalment was made on the date they initially paid.

    Until we are able to improve this feature, I'd definitely recommend creating individual invoices (or recurring invoices) for each partial/deposit/instalment you and your customer plan to process. This will also ensure you can track the due date/overdue status of each individual payment. I hope this helps!

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