Back Up or Clone Data Set?

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I'm getting ready to allow access to my Wave account(s) to a new CPA I am hiring to help get me organized and caught up on the setup, systems, reporting, etc Since EVERYTHING I have, and literally my ENTIRE business is inside Wave, is there a way to:

a) Make a FULL and COMPLETE copy of everything and get this as a back up data file?

b) Create an exact duplicate of EVERYTHING into a NEW WAVE account that I can give him to play with all he wants and have no impact on MY version I'm using?

c) ROLL BACK to a certain spot in time IF her work turns out to be faulty?


  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 557 admin

    Hey @FinancialBookkeeping!

    A) You will be able to export most of your details via Settings > Export Data. Right now it can export Accounting/Transactions, Bill Items, Customers, Invoice Items, Payments made to an invoice, and vendor list. At the moment you'd be able to upload customer/vendors into Wave, as well as past transactions.

    B) You could import the items mentioned above into a new account, but the drawback would be that you'd have to recreate invoices and re-upload receipts if you wanted your accountant to be able to view them. If they only need to see transactional history and reports however, you should be good to go.

    C) We don't have a rollback feature at the moment, but I can submit a feature request now for one!

    You also could give your accountant only viewing privileges, although if they are going to be actually doing your bookkeeping rather than reviewing, this may not be ideal.

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