Invoice Amount in writing: ???? How to do it.

hnajeehnajee Member Posts: 12

I generate invoices and doing great. My problem is I don't know how to include final invoice amount in writing. Will appreciate help


  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 560 admin

    Hey @hnajee, the invoice should automatically be totalling the final price, inclusive of all line items and applicable taxes. If you wanted to include that elsewhere in writing, you could add the invoice total as well into the Notes section when editing the invoice. If you're sending it out via Wave as well, you can include a personalized message with the invoice amount, although when the customer receives the invoice, part of the message by default will also include the invoice total.

  • hnajeehnajee Member Posts: 12

    @Samd You are right, the invoice automatically totals the final price BUT I was wondering if that total is automatically translates into writing. Just needed automatic inclusion of final total price.

  • GrahamgGrahamg Member Posts: 3

    Hi @Samd.
    If my unit price already has VAT included, can the system automatically work out the Amount excluding the VAT and then add the VAT at the end.? Not sure if that is clear!

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 560 admin

    Ah sorry for misunderstanding @hnajee, it doesn't automatically translate over to writing but I can submit a feature request for that. .

    @Grahamg in depends how the item was setup. So, if you've saved a product/service with just a total that reflects the full amount (item + VAT), the system won't be able to separate them out automatically. You could still fix this, but it would require heading to Accounting > Transactions, and adding a VAT tax to a transaction. This won't add to the total, but will calculate what percentage of the transaction was tax based.

    If however you input the unit price as a pre-tax value, and then assigned VAT to that item, Wave should automatically figure this out for you. When invoicing/marking bills as paid, Wave will show the amount you've paid in taxes under the Sales Tax Report.

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