LyRich_co1LyRich_co1 Member Posts: 1

Hi All
My question is After an estimate has expired how do you clear it so that it doesn't keep on showing as Expired? if I delete them I wont be able to see them later for reference sake. What do i do?


  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 498 admin

    Hey @LyRich_co1! You have a couple of options in this instance. One would be to edit the estimate to change its expiry period to a future date, though this does require occasionally going in and re-updating. Another option would be export the estimates as PDFs so that you could store them offline, and then delete them from Wave. The downside is if you were hoping to convert to an invoice at a later date, you'd need to enter the data manually into a new invoice. Hope this helps!

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