Blank invoice listed in receivables

Human_RepublicHuman_Republic Member Posts: 1

Hi there. This is the problem, when checking 'payable and owing' on the dashboard I have a sum for 'coming due'. When I click on 'coming due' I get the list of invoices, however in this list is also the name of a client with no other invoice details and this client doesn't owe any money so the listing is there unnecessarily. If I go to 'invoices' there is only the list of clients with actually due invoices without the extra name, however the summary at the top says that the amount coming due is several hundred dollars more than is accurate...


  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 557 admin

    Hey @Human_Republic, thank you for bringing that to our attention! I confirmed with our Development Team, and apparently this was caused by some bad code on our end. The good news is that they are rolling out the fix today, roughly in an hour or so, so your report and summary should be showing correctly soon! If you're not seeing a fix by end of day today, let me know and I can generate a ticket for you so we can get this fixed.

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