iPad invoice app? When will it be available?

pnanningapnanninga Member Posts: 1

You guys make awesome software, the website, Android, and iPhone apps are amazing! Please give us an invoice app for the iPad!


  • sophieannphotographysophieannphotography Member Posts: 2

    I'd love this too! I'm gutted as I literally bought an Ipad yesterday to be able to do finances (and other admin stuff) from my sofa or on the go as opposed to always in my office at my desk. Gutted to find there isn't an app! Please make this happen! :smile:

  • ReneJReneJ Member Posts: 6

    You may not need an app. Try using the website in Safari to see if it is mobile friendly enough for your needs.

  • JetlagJetlag Member Posts: 1

    Using the website on iPad is horrible. Scrolling is almost impossible and it's not a nice experience. Please fix the website for iOS or create a dedicated app!

  • ManiMani Member Posts: 82 ✭✭✭

    @Jetlag @ReneJ @sophieannphotography @pnanninga we will certainly be looking to improve the web browser experience of our software on tablets throughout 2019 to be much better than it is now. We know of several usability issues and wish to address those.

    However, we do not at this time, have any plans to make a dedicated mobile app for the iPad in 2019. Our focus will continue to be on enhancing our iPhone (iOS) and Android mobile phone experiences.

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