Creating monthly work-log and Invoice at end of month

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Hi all,
Just joined Wave and have spent the last few days getting familiar as I won't start using the app until Jan 2019, so plenty of time to practice.

Question: I have a client who I Invoice monthly. So, I keep a log of all work done throughout the month and at the end of the month create an Invoice with this work-log within. Until now, I was keeping an Excel spreadsheet of work-log and cost, and I would then enter than manually into an Invoice and e-mail at the end of the month.

Is there such a feature with Wave? Essentially, a draft Invoice that I can save, and at the end of the month send to the customer? Ideally i'd like to attach this draft Invoice to the customer (I have them saved) at the start of the month so I can find the Invoice easily every time I need to add.

Many thanks


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    Hey @SortIT,

    Welcome to Wave! Yes, you can leave an invoice in a Draft stage, while it'll still be associated with your customer (you'll choose your customer in the first step of creating the invoice).

    Then, before approving the draft (like at the end of the month), you can find that invoice in Sales > Invoices > Draft, and edit it accordingly to add products and services as you go. I hope that helps!

  • SortITSortIT Member Posts: 21

    Many thanks. I discovered this when I created a test Invoice for a test customer... neat feature

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