Refund Reciept

GotlightGotlight Member Posts: 3

How do I process a purchase receipt that is a refund?

I uploaded the receipt and I try to put in a negative value for the refund, but I get an error when trying to save or post to accounting. Looks like I can only put in positive values. Please help


  • GotlightGotlight Member Posts: 3

    The error I get when posting to accounting is "Failed... Receipt total must be larger than sum of taxes"

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 650 admin

    Hey @Gotlight. In Wave right now, there isn't a way to upload a receipt and have a negative value associated with it, since they are used for expenses (technically a debit from your account). In terms of the refund though, is this a refund that was issued to you via an expense purchase you made for your business? If so, you will just need to add an income transaction and label it refund for expense;

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