Integration issues with Capital One

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imagePossible integration issue with Capital One

Wave has received reports that recent technology upgrades undertaken by Capital One may interrupt Wave's bank account integration for Capital One customers.
The upgrades appear to disrupt all third...

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  • RobertDeanRobertDean Member Posts: 1

    Is there guidance on how to manually workaround the issue, other than visually transferring transactions?

  • SophiaSophia Administrator Posts: 147 admin

    Hi @RobertDean! While our data provider works on the issue, we recommend using the bank statement upload feature to add transactions in bulk. Detailed steps for that can be found here:

  • ChuArt34ChuArt34 Member Posts: 4

    Is this being worked on? Why is it "no longer being supported"?
    "What a shame. Your bank or credit card is no longer supported. Next best thing: upload a bank statement to quickly get your transactions into Wave. Or visit our help center to be notified if your bank is added back to our list in the future."

  • Trout310Trout310 Member Posts: 2

    When will this be fixed?

  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 462 admin

    Hey @Trout310 and @ChuArt34,

    Capital One made some major changes to their site, which means our data aggregator Yodlee needs to respond to these changes to restore the connection. For now, I recommend either selecting the "Edit Credentials" option for that connection in the Bank Connections page so you can reenter your login and password, or deleting the connection outright, and then re-connecting. Please know that deleting a connection only halts the flow of present and future transactions into Wave; it won't affect the transaction data which is already in Wave. Give one or both of these a try, but please keep in mind that if Yodlee is still having issues adjusting to Capital One's site changes, then your best bet is to upload statements in the meantime per Sophia's advice above.

  • ChuArt34ChuArt34 Member Posts: 4


    Is waving working to correct the problem? When I try to reconnect it says it's no longer supported.


  • JoeBushJoeBush Member Posts: 4

    I'm having this issue as well, and I called Capital One. They told me that they have "no relationship" with Wave and implied that I'd have to get Quickbooks. Is this a thing that can actually be solved on Wave's end, or has capital one made it so that only their favorite authorized apps will work with them going forward?

  • ChuArt34ChuArt34 Member Posts: 4

    Just got off the phone with Capital One. The problem lies with BOTH Capital and Wave. Wave removed certain tools which are used to communicate with Capital bank accounts and Capital is doing away with 360 and moving to their standard platform all around. Timeframe for a cure, a few weeks, a few months, first quarter of 2019; they had no idea.
    Short-term solutions: switch banks, switch away from Wave or upload transactions.

  • FitzDesignzFitzDesignz Member Posts: 3

    Yesterday I sent Capital One a Twitter message about this issue. Here is their response:

    "We recently took steps to enhance security that may impact some 3rd-party sites. Looks like the data provider to the site you use may not have adopted our security standards. We hope that this is temporary & have been in discussions with data providers to meet our standards. ^AS"

    Today I logged into my Wave account and Capital one reconnected for me!!!!

  • ChuArt34ChuArt34 Member Posts: 4

    @FitzDesignz Did you do anything special to get it to connect? Still can't my accounts to sync. Thanks

  • tristanmtristanm Member Posts: 1

    @ChuArt34 This might only have worked because I was already a Capital One 360 customer already in addition to being a Spark Business customer, but here's what worked for me. When I log into my Capital One account (not my Spark Business account), recently I have also been able to see my Spark Business accounts. Today I deleted my Spark Business connection in Wave and then re-added it as a Capital One connection, using my Capital One login credentials rather than my Spark customer number & access code. It displayed all of my accounts with Capital One, including my Spark Business accounts. When I selected to import my Spark Business accounts this way, it worked. This fits with what we know so far about Capital One merging everything into one interface like you said below.

  • FitzDesignzFitzDesignz Member Posts: 3

    @ChuArt34 Try reconnecting your bank using the "Capital One (US)" connection not the "Spark Bussiness" connection.

  • seanpmgallagherseanpmgallagher Member Posts: 3

    @FitzDesignz I did try that, and it allowed me to connect, however no transactions will download and it says last updated 48 years, 11 months ago and nothing happens when I click Update Now. Personal Capital was also have issues accessing my Capital One account, but they resolved the issue 2 days ago. The capital one website is also working intermittently for me, so maybe it's time to dump Capital One in favor of something else.

  • markisbondmarkisbond Member Posts: 2

    I was able to just re-link using the new Capital One (Personal) connection. I just unchecked all the other accounts except for my business. Basically the old Spark one is useless now and they use your "real" Cap1 credentials.

  • jubrelejubrele Member Posts: 1

    I was able to resolve this issue by disconnecting the bank and then recreating the accounts. I was prompted to use customer number and access code. To find the access code is tricky. You login to Capital One, open one of your account pages, select Settings, then Privacy, then Access Code.

  • meticulouschrismeticulouschris Member Posts: 1

    I'm so happy that this worked for me as well! I wasn't sure if I'd lose transactions that were already imported, or if old transactions would get duplicated. Fortunately that wasn't an issue at all!
    First, I added the new Capital One account, and told it to only import my Business (spark) accounts starting the day after my most-recent transaction (Nov 17 in my case).
    Then, I deleted the old spark connection that didn't work anymore.

    If you're not sure where to add/remove accounts. On the left panel, choose "Banking" and then "Bank Connections".

  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 695 admin

    Hi all, I just wanted to follow up and thank you for confirming that your connections are now successful. If anyone is still experiencing issues, please let us know.

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  • mep3mep3 Member Posts: 1

    I have Capital One Spark Business account - it appears this connection no longer is available.

  • zuzazuza Administrator Posts: 31 admin

    Hello @mep3. Thank you for reaching out.

    Our third party data provider has recently made changes to the Capital One+ Spark Business Connection.

    In order to connect your Spark business, search for "Capital One" and use that rather than searching for Spark Business specifically. The two have now been merged as one complete connection.

    You are not the only posting about these either. Given how popular Capital One+ Spark are, others have also voiced issues here:

    The good news is that the connection should work with that workaround. Please let me know if that works for you, as well as if it doesn't.

  • RickcoutureRickcouture Member Posts: 4

    Feb 8/19 Capital one Costco mastercard not updating in wave - shows as updated but zero transactions downloaded.....

  • SophiaSophia Administrator Posts: 147 admin

    Thanks for letting us know @Rickcouture. Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting as described in the workarounds above?

  • RickcoutureRickcouture Member Posts: 4

    yes tried both methods - deleted and re-connected. shows as updated but won't download any txns.

  • RickcoutureRickcouture Member Posts: 4

    so i uploaded txns manually - it never finished, just showing a spinning arrow.....tried a few times. next day - i find all of them uploaded - in TRIPLICATE!!! So now i have a ton of txns to delete......

    Quickbooks was so much easier....really regretting switching to wave.

  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 462 admin

    @Rickcouture that's a shame to hear about the triplicate transactions. Since I can't be sure what happened when you were manually uploading + reconnecting the bank connection, the best I can suggest is using the Merge tool to consolidate these transactions, or delete the extras as you've already mentioned.

  • rlinparlinpa Member Posts: 3

    I can't get my Capital One credit card connection to work. It worked briefly, then it stopped working. I deleted the connection, then tried to add it back - it is telling me that my login credentials are incorrect - but when I go to the Capital One site and login using the same credentials, it works fine. Any ETA on getting this fixed?

  • rlinparlinpa Member Posts: 3

    As of today (March 27, 2019), other apps including Mint, Pocket Guard, and FileThis are all able to connect to my Capital One Credit Card account, but Wave still cannot.

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    @rlinpa After taking a look at the status of this particular bank connection issue -- we received an update from our data provider that it's still failing to work properly. That said, it does appear that they should have something resolved with this connection fairly soon, but still no ETA.

  • JBLJBL Member Posts: 1

    Capital one restructured their third party apps access and the list that they have now does not include Wave. I got nowhere with Capital one support. Looks like a new bank or accounting software will do it. :-(

  • rita_vrita_v Member Posts: 1

    Where is the link to integrate Capital One Costco MC? Tried using the Capital One Canada option, but credentials not accepted.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,753 admin

    Hey @JBL . We're hoping that this fix comes soon but at the moment there's been no traction.

    @rita_v If the Capital One Costco Wholesale (Canada) connection doesn't work and you believe it's the wrong one, feel free to select "Can't find your bank?" at the bottom of the drop down when searching so that you can request that your Costco Credit Card option be added in the meantime.

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