Ability to save email signature

KontrivedMediaKontrivedMedia Member Posts: 7

When sending an invoice to companies I have to copy and paste my email signature into the email contents box. I would like to make a feature request where you can create your signature to be used into your emails each time you send out an estimate or invoice.



  • ErikErik Administrator Posts: 194 admin

    Hi James, thanks for the suggestion! I'll definitely let our teams know of your feedback so that they can look into this for future releases

  • CarloSteynCarloSteyn Member Posts: 4

    Hi, i would also like this feature. It is all about saving time, and this will make the invoice look more professional and save a lot of time. i really hope this is on the cards for implementing soon.

  • KontrivedMediaKontrivedMedia Member Posts: 7
    Thanks Carlo, Erik is there any update on this feature? Also do you have a roadmap of features that is being worked on and can we see that? Also what is the best way to get an idea pushed through and have it upvoted?
  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    @KontrivedMedia Still no timetable as to when this feature will be added, but full disclosure, our development team is focusing elsewhere for the time being (looking at recurring billing, improving reconciliation, as well as a more viable workaround for moving transactions from personal to business accounts). There isn't a public resource that can be shared for what our plans for the future, mostly because of lot of the time things change, and we need to make adjustments accordingly -- we never want to overpromise and under deliver. I'm currently gathering a list of feature requests so I will make sure that this gets added and put into the ears of our dev team.

  • KontrivedMediaKontrivedMedia Member Posts: 7
    Thank you Erik,

    When you do add it to the feature list. Can you make so that you can add a specific email signature to that invoice for that specific company. Not just a generic one across many companies.
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