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    Hi @ConnorM , yep, that will certainly do for now, looks like it should be a fairly simple fix though. Hope you manage time to solve it going forward. - thanks.

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    how to resolve the issue of uploading a csv for as specific currency in single CSV upload, could i keep the currency column which states either amount is USD or GBP? my yearly download from Paypal has USD, GBP, CAD, and Euro? please advise. thank you

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    Hi, I have discovered a new and **serious ** problem with csv bank statement uploads, it seems that sometimes (which is even more worrying), the upload system misreads the date and uses the USA format of MM-DD-YYYY rather than the EU/UK standard of DD-MM-YYYY.

    I appreciate that there is no obvious automated way for it to tell which one it is (except maybe using ip location perhaps, but it should be a pretty simple option to add in preferences or in import stage to set which date format is being used?

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    Hi, I have discovered a new and serious problem with CSV statement uploads - the date format does not always recognise UK/EU format (DD-MM-YYYY) meaning the import incorrectly dates the transaction - this is a real bug and an option to check which format is used is required here as this could cause major accounting errors and a lot of time correcting the incorrectly imported transactions.

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    Hey @rskhan7 , thanks for your message! In this case, you'd want to upload each different currency as separate CSV files. This is because you can only upload your single CSV file to a single Chart of Accounts account in Wave, and so you'd need each currency to upload to the relevant account, one file at a time.

    Hi again @solosails ! Thank you for bringing this to our attention here. At this time, we're not looking to make changes to the CSV uploader feature, and can't always accommodate other regions in terms of formatting or other preferences as a free software. I would say the best workaround I could offer would be to ensure the dates are all set up in MM-DD-YYY to be safe.

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    Hi @CallieP Thanks for the reply.

    I understand this is a free system, and actually, it is great, I really appreciate it thanks. But I do think that if you want to work with the world in order to make as much money as you can from the Stripe transactions, then it would be good if the system worked for all, not just North America. After all, it is just North America that uses this back to front date standard - to me it's like writing the time like HH-SS-MM


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    Trying, and am unable to connect credit card, that was previously connected but changed their "pathway". Please help

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    Hey @Kccool , thanks for this message! If you're having trouble getting your bank account connected in Banking > Connected Accounts, I'd recommend sending in a ticket to our Support team, where they can investigate your specific account more thoroughly!

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    I just uploaded my bank statements only to find out that suddenly it uploads it in US date format and screws the entire records. Now my June transactions are spread across the first half year. Great. This is obviously a change in the system. It would be appreciated if such change would be announced so that users are prepared for it. It would be good if the developers check there changes before they release them (and notify the users if they need to change anything on their side)

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    Hey @BRNA , thanks for this comment. I can definitely understand your frustration here. This feature did formerly allow for different date structures to be read successfully, but at current, only reads in US-style structure. I'll make sure that our developer team is aware of this and we can determine best next steps from there. In the meantime, I would recommend uploading in the MM-DD-YYYY setup to avoid issues in future.

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    thanks, I did that after I realised what had happened. Unfortunately it occur when I had a huge influx of transactions.

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    I think I have just discovered that this doesn't happen (for fairly obvious reasons) if the day is above the 12th (number of month annually), so if the uploader can recognise the non North American date format and apply it correctly when it is obvious, surely it is a quick fix to make it do it all the time - simply just reference the date preference set in the user settings?

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    Hey there,

    For those who have not taken a look at our troubleshooting your CSV upload help center article check it out as if discusses in detail what your dates should look like.


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    Hi, I'm new, and I have a new business. I'm trying to figure out an easy way to accept online payments from customers. Is this service free? Or is it similar to PayPal?

  • CalliePCallieP Administrator Posts: 439 admin

    Hi @Zii , welcome to Wave, and congratulations on your new business! So exciting. With Wave, you can accept online payments if you're located in Canada or USA, which is a feature with a per-use fee. Our accounting, reports, invoices, bills, receipts, is all 100% free, forever, whether you use Payments or not!

    Learn more here about Payments, including fees: https://support.waveapps.com/hc/en-us/articles/214268023-Payments
    Learn more here about Wave being free: https://support.waveapps.com/hc/en-us/articles/208621296-Is-Wave-free-How-much-does-it-cost-

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    Hi there, my name is Daniel Choi and owner of C&S Innovation, Inc. and I am also a member of Wave.
    I'm eager to talk with Wave team for the bank connection from credit card payment to my company bank
    account. My mobile phone is (714)287-7002 and please call me when you see my comment.

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    Hey @DSCHOI0408_cns! Thanks for reaching out here. I can see that you'd been in touch with my teams via email, and that they were able to find a solution for your inquiry here! Happy to see it :)

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    Hi, admin, I can input Traditional Chinese in description column by hand.
    However, when I upload bank statement (csv file), the description column has Traditional Chinese wordings, the result will show something error wordings like �J�o��. Upload English wording is OK.

    How can I solve, thanks.

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    Hey @GYGY , I'm afraid that our system doesn't pick up some traditional Chinese characters at the moment which makes the result of the import "�" character. I'd be happy to bring this back to our Product team but in full transparency I don't think this is something that we'll be fixing in the near future.

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    @GYGY please check the encoding of your CSV file. From your example I suspect you may be using the "Big5" encoding or similar. You should convert it to "UTF-8" encoding and try again.

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    @MPTP said:
    @GYGY please check the encoding of your CSV file. From your example I suspect you may be using the "Big5" encoding or similar. You should convert it to "UTF-8" encoding and try again.

    @MPTP Great!!!! Thank you so much.

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    Good day,
    Wave is not connecting and importing trasactions from Walmart Rewards Mastercard anymore. I believe that must be due to an upgrade and changes done on Walmart side and perhaps the connection was broken.
    Is there a timeframe when this issue will be resolved?

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,923 admin

    Hey @Luc , please send a ticket to our Support team and one of our dedicated support agents would be more than happy to troubleshoot this issue for you 1 on 1. Thanks!

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    why cannot I confirm credit when the column is blank? I have a debit for the month but no credits so how can I upload the bank statement with no data in the credit column? Sorted - put it in manually but it would be nice to be able to select the column header even though the column is empty.

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    @AlexL said:
    Hey @Luc , please send a ticket to our Support team and one of our dedicated support agents would be more than happy to troubleshoot this issue for you 1 on 1. Thanks!

    I have send a ticket, changed my password as requested, answered the questions in the email I have received but thats it. No answer, no follow up. The problem still persists and I am not sure if anyone is working on it to fix it.

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    Hey again @Luc

    I can see that our support specialist Kirk reached out to you on Wednesday the 9th. Have you tried searching through your spam or junk folder?

    Following up, Bank Connection issues.

    I have received follow up from our data aggregator about the issue we had escalated for your Walmart Rewards Mastercard and they have let me know that they identified a change to the Walmart Mastercard website that is causing the issue that you had faced. They sent this to their engineering team to look into resolve this as soon as they can. Currently due to the size and scope of this issue the data aggregator was unable to provide me an ETA for resolution.

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    I can select the deposit, date and description columns. Then it tries to guess the Balance column - and fails every time. Wouldn't it be easier let the user select also the balance column?

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    Hey there @Petri

    How long is your CSV document? I've noticed that when some users have a ton of unnecessary info that our reader doesn't actually pick up the harder it is four our system to select the appropriate columns!

    This is an ideal image of what a CSV upload should look like so as not to convolute the process.

    If you haven't checked out this article on troubleshooting the CSV upload please do!

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