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  • Dave_Howard72Dave_Howard72 Member Posts: 6

    HSBC Australia is not connecting for the 2nd time in two months - I am unable to download a statement because they only supply the statements in protected PDF format - any suggestions other than trying a different accounting software provider?

  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 695 admin

    Hi @Dave_Howard72 thanks for taking the time to reach out. I know you've posted separately regarding the HSBC issue, so we'll follow up with you there and hopefully be able to offer some clarification and assistance.

    This is a tricky one; in my experience with my bank, offering only PDF exports (versus a spreadsheet) suggests to me that they would prefer I don't use third-party software to manage my transactions and instead spend more time in their online banking portal, where ads are. That makes sense from their perspective, but it sure is inconvenient for me.

    As far as getting around this is concerned, I'd recommend copying your transactions into a spreadsheet. If this isn't workable at all, there are a number of online PDF-to-CSV converters (not affiliated with Wave), that you can use to edit your spreadsheet into a filetype you can use. If you decide to try this and need a hand with formatting once you have a CSV, let us know.

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  • Dave_Howard72Dave_Howard72 Member Posts: 6

    thanks for getting back to me. I think the issue is linked to the fact i am not getting the next login options under "login with a security device, login with a secondary password, login without a security device/secondary password". when i choose option 1 or 2 i get you haven't completed all fields error msg and then when i try to refresh it freezes with the blue spinning wheel of death. When i choose option 3 it gives me "your bank is not currently supported error". how do i get the option to actually enter my secondary password as when i select it the only option i get is to connect to bank? same with the security device option.

  • ScottyTScottyT Member Posts: 1
    Hi - I have been trying to upload a bank statement for the past two days! I continue to get the error message "Something went wrong with your file upload. Try confirming that the file type is an accepted file type". I am uploading as .ofx, and yet I get this message... This continues to happen even if I download in .qfx and even .csv. I have never had this issue in the past, however it is now becoming very frustrating!
  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,946 admin

    Hi @ScottyT - There are cases where the error message doesn't give the appropriate info. Can you take a look at the following Help Center article on .ofx and .qfx uploads and see if the changes listed help in uploading the file?

    What to do if Wave can't read your OFX, QBO, ASO, or QFX file

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  • PetrusPetrus Member Posts: 1

    Is it possible to include the type of bank account i.e. Check or Credit Card account on a CSV import?

  • DoodlDoodl Member Posts: 3

    Same issue as @ScottyT. Tried the link @alexlewiszaros gave. No change. Doesn't work. I've contacted support and they did upload my file with no error. So it's gotta be some sort of conflict with an ISP or locally on my machine I guess. I haven't found anyone who has solved this problem. If there is, please let us know. This is wasting days of my time trying to figure out. Thanks.

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 1,811 admin

    Hey there @Petrus

    Unfortunately our CSV or Wave connect is not this customizable. You cannot upload the institutions name or any account number with this tool. My apologies for this!

    @Doodl This is a definitely a localized issue we've seen with some business owners in the past. I think a few things to take into consideration are your machine's settings. If you have any firewall or browser plug ins that may be blocking this integration, can you look into this a bit further?

    1. Try whitelisting Waveapps.com on your antivirus software.
    2. Try uploading your file in a Chrome incognito browser window.
    3. Try clearing your cache and browsing data if you haven't already tried.
    4. Try using a different browser entirely (Chrome, Firefox, Edge and as a last result Safari).

    This has had some luck with some users who have been experiencing localized issues with our transactions uploader.

    • Barsin
  • Steve_SGSteve_SG Member Posts: 12

    Are there any plans to support SWIFT MT940 or MT942 file formats?

  • crispyoakleafcrispyoakleaf Member Posts: 1

    Like many other Wave users in the UK and elsewhere, I am very sad that Wave will no longer be supporting automatic on-line banking links from September 2019. This was one of the most useful features of Wave accounting that attracted me to using it for my small self-employed business. It made checking and keeping up to date with transactions in my business bank account so much easier, and made sure nothing was unaccounted for and categorising transaction could be easily done if not already done automatically.
    I understand that it is possible to upload bank statements into Wave after exporting them first using one of the formats listed above. However, I would plan to be manually entering some transactions into Wave as I do them / remember them. If I then uploaded a bank statement for say the last month into Wave, WOULD IT THEN DUPLICATE LOADS OF ENTRIES? I can imagine this could occur, then necessitating manually going through the whole lot and having to delete duplicates etc. As the Wave import date entry doesn't always exactly match a manually entered entry for a transaction (e.g. because of time for payment processing etc), I can see that this is a real potential hassle.

    At the end of the day, is it likely that I am best just periodically printing out my online bank statement to date and manually reconciling it with my Wave data and ignoring any attempts to upload stuff?

    Hoping that one day, Wave will be able to re-implement automatic transaction imports!

  • Steve_SGSteve_SG Member Posts: 12

    Are there any plans to support SWIFT MT940 or MT942 file formats?

  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 388 admin

    Hi @Steve_SG, we have no immediate plans to do so I'm afraid. You can see the file types that we do support in this Help Centre article. I hope this helps.

  • aheissaheiss Member Posts: 7

    "Now click Upload. The process will do its thing for a few seconds." Hey guys, this is awesome to hear. I recall using a google sheet plugin not more a year ago, maybe? I still get email when people post to this. Wow guys, Great work! That is awesome.. Outlook 365 has similar feature IIRC you can take pictures of something that looks close to a list of stuff or maybe a grid, and it just knows how to do it.. Kinda awesome!

  • aheissaheiss Member Posts: 7

    Check this out !!! whoa!! If you need a connection to get this teck, i could probable work that out, let me [email protected]!! It be good deed. Also See if The Microsoft Airband initiative is iinteresting to anyone.. Cheers guys, things are going pretth fast here. Wonderfule work meeting all those demands and wants ;)

  • JPHJPH Member Posts: 1

    Hi. I can upload the bank statement and select which account it is for. This should get me around the connection to bank issue that the UK is about to have. However. The statement uploaded for the Credit card account is showing as an amount paid to me, not an amount paid by me to a supplier. Can I 'pay off' supplier invoices that I have put in if I have used a credit card to buy the goods. used to work a treat.

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 1,811 admin

    Hey there @JPH

    Sounds to me like you may have experienced an issue with your upload. Upon uploading did you make sure your credits were debit and vice versa?

    This is a really great chart for our community to have.

    Are the expenses categorized as that? Or is there a negative line item on your amount?

    This article has a lot of good information on troubleshooting your upload.

    I think I'm a bit confused and might need some clarification on the line:

    Can I 'pay off' supplier invoices that I have put in if I have used a credit card to buy the goods. used to work a treat.

    Let us know!

  • mmquantmmquant Member Posts: 1

    During uploading my bank statement transactions the system just stays there with this text:
    "Categorizing and processing your transactions. You can continue to use Wave during this process"
    What do I do???

  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 639 admin

    Hi @mmquant! If you see this message while uploading, you can continue to navigate around your Wave account! The transaction upload should continue to work on the back end until it is finished :)

  • hdspiffhdspiff Member Posts: 1

    While Uploading my bank statement i noticed transactions can only be categorised as Deposits. However i want to upload only withdrawals from my bank statement and reconcile my chart of accounts with it.

  • GreenwashukGreenwashuk Member Posts: 4

    It coming up with payments need to be in columns? Stop down loading?

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,946 admin

    Hi @hdspiff . You can add a negative sing to any of your amounts that are withdrawals / expenses. This should sort you out.

    @Greenwashuk Can you give me some more detail as to what you're seeing? Are you getting an error message? Let me know.

  • CrystalwitchCrystalwitch Member Posts: 1

    Hi, I bank with the Cooperative bank in the UK but their statement downloads are .txt files. I have asked but they don't do a download in any other file format. Does anyone know of a way to convert the .txt file to one compatable with wave? I have seen some software on the internet but it is quite expensive. Thanks!

  • LittleFishBizLittleFishBiz Member Posts: 1

    The little button that says "Choose file" is missing from my screen... I have tried in Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Is there a problem?

    Link to screenshot https://www.dropbox.com/s/5q4l3xrb0b3ov06/Screenshot 2019-10-25 15.46.22.png?dl=0

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  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,946 admin

    Hey @LittleFishBiz . Can you try accessing zChrome through incognito mode to see if this works? In the meantime, try uploading your statement with our Google Sheets integration called Wave Connect.

  • yashznyashzn Member Posts: 3

    Now that auto-importing of transactions will be disabled, how and when should I import transactions? Will wave auto-detect duplicates?

  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 639 admin

    Hey @yashzn! I've moved your post to a thread that has information about how you can get your transactions into Wave! If you click to the first page of this thread, you'll see a Help Center article on how to upload a bank or credit card statement as a .csv file. To do this, you would export your statements from your online banking portal and then upload them into your Wave account. You can do this as often as you like. Another great method you can use to do this is Wave Connect. This will not detect duplicate transactions, so it is best to reconcile your accounts. Hope this helps!

  • Diggy_01Diggy_01 Member Posts: 1

    Brand new user here in Australia. Saw the comment below dated March 2019 saying that it says "check back in a few minutes" when uploading transactions. It's been going for about 2 hours and still shows this message. I've scrolled through the list and from what I can see on screen, it looks like all of the transactions from the CSV I uploaded are appearing. Does this mean they are all there and I can continue on? I have to reconcile my accounts in the next 12 hours in time for an AGM, and I need this to work! Cheers!

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,946 admin

    Hey @Diggy_01 . It sounds like your transactions were pulled in and you should be good to go. In the future, try using Wave Connect, it tends to be a more straight forward process for the majority of our users.

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  • margermarger Member Posts: 1

    If I upload a .OFX statement will duplicates be detected or do I have to sort manually?

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,946 admin

    Hey @marger . Although Wave may warn you of duplicates, it will not search them out and delete them. This will need to be done manually.

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