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racerracer Member Posts: 3

Is there a way to search for a specific invoice via the order number or any other text in the invoice?
I only have one client that I subscontract to.. and they often ask me to resend an old invoice... Currently I'm having to guess the date and open many invoices before I find the correct one... It would be so simple to just search for the order number or any other specific text that would be on that invoice.. Is this something that can be done already (haven't been able to figure out how) or something that can be implemented?


  • ErikErik Administrator Posts: 194 admin

    Hi @racer, you can definitely use our Invoice Number search field on the Sales>Invoices page to look through your invoice list

  • racerracer Member Posts: 3
    That's not what I asked.. If i knew the invoice number I wouldn't need to be searching in the first place... I need to be able to search for an order number (which is on the invoice) or some other text on the invoice....
  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    Hi @racer. As of right now, there isn't a way to search for invoices using an order number that you've attached within the invoice (or other notes/text within the invoice) -- this could be something that is changed in the future (the option to have more filter options) but we currently do not have any plans for the time being. Could you give me a bit more context as to why your client is asking you to resend the invoice? Is it that it gets lost in their emails, etc? Just another tip -- if you hover your mouse over the due date of the invoice, you will also be able to see whether or not your client viewed the invoice.

  • racerracer Member Posts: 3

    Thanks Jamie.. Its a feature I think would help immensely and hope it makes the feature list at some time..

    Clients often ask for copies of invoices for whatever reason.. In my case I subcontract to other companies and they send me out to their customers. I use their customer name in my order number field.. So if one of them calls and asks me to resend invoices for all work done for company ABC for example, it would help if I could just do a search on ABC and get all the relevant invoices without having to look for them manually....


  • mooremoore Member Posts: 1

    If we could search invoice content (item details), that would help us find invoices when we don't know the invoice number - or when the invoice number doesn't really matter. There are many times I want to reference previous invoice content, for example: to see how many hours it took me last time to do the same type of project. Ideally, we could search invoices by customer, date, status, invoice number, and/or content (item details). Right now, it takes enough time to guess what an invoice is that I thought I'd leave this feedback.

    That said, I do want to acknowledge that your app is very good! I've been using it happily for 6 years and just thought I'd see if this is a feature others would find useful.

    Thank you!

  • markollidesmarkollides Member Posts: 4

    I also came here looking for this feature.
    It would be an INCREDIBLE time-saver to be able to search for words in the description.

  • bfillersbfillers Member Posts: 1

    I absolutely love Wave, and I don't have many complaints. I would say the lack of this feature is one of the main cons of using it; I loved using this search feature when I used PayPal for invoicing, and I really miss it. Please allow us to search content within the invoice!

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,733 admin

    Hey @bfillers . Thanks for reaching out about this and giving us your +1 as it helps us track how many of our users are requesting this feature. If this becomes available in the future, we'll update you on it here. :smile:

  • LissLiss Member Posts: 1

    Hi there, I absolutely love Wave as well. It has great functionality and customisation, which is ideal for our small company. The only thing would make Wave extra special, like previous comments is to have an option to search for invoices via content. As we maintain so many different properties for different companies, I'm required to look for specific invoices for a certain property. It can take me ages to go through each invoice individually. It would also be great to have an attachment function when sending the invoice, as our customers sometimes like to have the material receipts, but I can live without this if necessary :D lol.

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    Hey @Liss! Thanks for the detailed explanation on how this would improve your experience with Wave (glad you're already loving it though :smile:) -- we still don't have an exact timeline, or plan to implement this feature in a roadmap any time soon, but once we do, we will be sure to let all of our users know that it's something planned!

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