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With the new update, how do one process payment of multiple invoices from one deposit?


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    Hi @Frans! Thanks for reaching out. I do believe that I was chatting via FaceBook with you earlier on today and we were able to resolve the issue there. If I'm mistaken, definitely let me know and I will be happy to help!

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    Could you please put the solution here as well? I'm having the same issue.

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    Here we go, see link below:

    We have actually created a guide that outlines this type of situation in the many ways that it could occur. I'd recommend taking a look at that here:
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    The original post doesn't seem to have anything to do with overpayments. I wound up here because I was searching for the correct way to record one bank deposit consisting of multiple payments (checks and cash) for multiple invoices.

    When a payment comes in, we go to the appropriate invoice and click "Record a Payment". Of course we don't run to the bank for every single payment, so we are doing the same for several payments before making one deposit at the bank.

    As best that I can decipher, we should be recording these cash & check payments to the "Cash on hand" account as described here:

    I'm pretty sure that was what the OP was asking here.
    "With the new update, how do[es] one process payment[s] of multiple invoices from one deposit?"
    If not, my apologies here. Either way, some clarification on handling multiple payment deposits would be great. Thanks!

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    I don’t think we got a response. I’m having the same issue. I have a big deposit in my bank consisting of payments from different invoices. How do I identify the specific invoices paid by this deposit? It easy to do with square but wavesapp doesn’t seem to have this function.
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    Hey @Seanbty, thanks for reaching out! If you have a large bank deposit transaction that covers multiple invoice payments, you can split the transaction and categorize each split as Payment Received for an invoice in Wave, your unpaid invoices will appear and a list and selecting them will mark them as paid. I hope this helps, please let me know if you need anything else.

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    Hello @Zoe_caff ,
    I'm not understanding. If we are to do as you are describing, we could only credit each invoice after the corresponding checks/payments are deposited in the bank and updated to our transactions by wave. The only way to keep track of this would be to use a separate ledger, which kind of defeats the purpose of Wave.

    So maybe I am missing something here. But I'm trying to do as you have described by using transaction involving two invoices on one bank deposit as follows:

    Two checks came in, both for two different invoices from different clients. I then went to the corresponding invoices in Wave and selected "Record a Payment" for both, and selected my bank account as the payment account (Also sent a receipt to each client). So then I had two separate invoice credits showing in my Wave transactions.

    The next [business] day, I went to the bank and deposited those 2 checks into my on one deposit ticket. I then waited for that credit to show up in my bank account and updated may bank account in Wave transactions. From there, I now have the bank transaction of $1400.00 showing in my Wave transactions, and the two invoice payments ($1000.00 and $400.00) also showing. If I select "Choose a category" and then "Payment received for an invoice in Wave" it only shows the outstanding invoices, not the two that actually make up the deposit. This is a dead end.

    I'm sorry if I am missing something obvious here, but could you please explain the procedure you are describing with more specific detail? If there is a simple and straight forward way of accounting for multiple invoice payment, we would love to understand it. The method that I have described in my previous post here works, but it is a two step process spread out over several days, and that leaves plenty of room for error. I have to leave myself a post-it note to do the transfer the next business day, as the deposit from the bank update won't show up until at least then.

    I thought I had posted this a year ago. I just now came back to check on the status and find my "draft" still here (that I am typing in now) and nothing updated as for this topic. I know I submitted this, and this isn't the 1st time this has happened. This is frustrating.

    I will once again click "Post Comment" and hope this actually submits.

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