Downloading an electronic statement from your bank or credit card

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imageDownloading an electronic statement from your bank or credit card

Most online banking sites will allow you to download an electronic file containing your bank or credit card transactions. This can be very useful when you want to bring past transactions into Wave,...

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  • AchemosswatiAchemosswati Member Posts: 1

    I wish i could download a csv template, it would have made uploading easiser

  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 515 admin
  • pravda23pravda23 Member Posts: 5

    Is it possible to download a statement of your account activity from Wave?

  • pravda23pravda23 Member Posts: 5

    I see from this page that you're able to export CSVs by account sub-category but is there a way to do the same for the master account income/expense report?

  • ChelseaKChelseaK Administrator Posts: 262 admin

    @pravda23 Yes, you certainly can. You can download all your transactional information by heading to Settings > Data Export > Export all transactions as CSV or Export All Transactions to Excel. And yes, you can have access to a master income/expense report by heading to Reports > Profit & Loss (Income Statement). :)

  • MHM7MHM7 Member Posts: 1

    I have been trying to upload a .ofx file and keep getting the feedback that the currency type isn't supported. I'm using AUD, but should that really stop Wave from reading my file information? Hoping you can help!

  • ChelseaKChelseaK Administrator Posts: 262 admin

    @MHM7 Admittedly, both the CSV uploader and the .OFX uploader can be pretty finicky. I'm wondering... if you try the troubleshooting steps at the bottom of this CSV troubleshooting article, would that make a difference? The CSV troubleshooting article suggests that you make sure you have only one currency in your file and that you remove any currency symbol or column from your file. If that still doesn't work, I'd actually recommend using a CSV file if you can. If your bank downloads to .ofx, you can always use a file converter to get it into a CSV. That might cause less trouble for you!

  • LanaLana Member Posts: 1

    How can I delete imported bank statements? I have manually captured and uploaded two bank statements. I have finally been able to connect the bank account directly now so I currently have the manually created bank account with the csv statements and the one that electronically connected when I connected the bank account. How do I remove the manually created bank account?

  • Jamesy_DubJamesy_Dub Member Posts: 1

    Hiya, I have Lana's problem too in that I have uploaded over 200 transactions via .csv that were already on the wave account. Is there a way to quickly undo the latest bank import?

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  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,427 admin

    @Lana to delete a bank account that you're no longer using, head over to Accounting > Chart of Accounts and click the pencil icon next to the account. You can archive the account here, which will cause it to be deleted if you have no transactions connected to it.

    @Jamesy_Dub If you have duplicate transactions, I'm afraid you will have to go through and manually delete them. To make the process a tad easier, you can select the transactions that are duplicates with the check box next to the transactions themselves, and bulk delete by selecting the delete button at the top of the page.

  • HPM_HarrietHPM_Harriet Member Posts: 4

    Are the only downloadable file type - so even though Quicken QIF is available, it doesn't work ...

  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 1,229 admin

    Hey @HPM_Harriet! Can you let me know what you're seeing when you attempt to import that QIF file? Let me know if I've misread your inquiry, would love to get to the bottom of this with you.

  • HPM_HarrietHPM_Harriet Member Posts: 4

    Statement The CSV file must contain an amount, date and description column.

    It seems to think the QIF file is a CSV file.
    Wave does not like any of the output files that can be obtained from the bank accunt.

  • HPM_HarrietHPM_Harriet Member Posts: 4

    This is an actual screenshot

    Qif.png 189.2K
  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 1,229 admin

    Hey again @HPM_Harriet, can you send me that particular file you're trying to upload in a direct message? Would love to troubleshoot this further one-on-one

  • HPM_HarrietHPM_Harriet Member Posts: 4

    Where is the DM button/page etc?

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 2,041 admin

    Hey there @HPM_Harriet

    if you select the users name in the community, you can send a message in their inbox!

  • jeffj99jeffj99 Member Posts: 2

    When auto bank connection worked for me, the category would be learned and usually filled in. Now that I have to upload a statement manually that no longer happens. I have to fill all the categories manually. Any way to have the learned categories automatically filled in with manual uploads?

  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 1,229 admin

    Hey @jeffj99, unfortunately automatic categorization is a feature that only works on transactions that are automatically uploaded from bank connections. If you are uploading your statements manually, this will not be a feature that is available to you. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Jax21Jax21 Member Posts: 3

    Is there no way to select the date range for import? I really don't want to have to redelete everything i have deleted before each time i upload my statements.

  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 639 admin

    Hi @Jax21! What method are you using to upload your transactions? If you're using a CSV file or Wave Connect you could just copy and paste the data from the downloaded file from your bank for the date ranges you need. You can then paste this data into a new file to upload!

  • Jax21Jax21 Member Posts: 3

    Then I am still doing it manually. Have been using an OFX file. Is there really not a date range for upload that can be selected when choosing your file? Its also uploading duplicates of everything that is there that i have to manually deleted.

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  • Jacm7Jacm7 Member Posts: 1

    I'm trying to upload the document but the only option my bank offers to download is .pdf. I converted the document to excel and then csv but still wave does not recognize it .

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,427 admin

    Hi @Jax21 , there's no way to select a date range as the imported imports everything selected. You could do what Emma mentioned above or just delete the transactions you don't want imported from Wave Connect.

    @Jacm7 Try using Tabula to convert your PDF to .csv. I find that it does a really good job of this.

  • Jax21Jax21 Member Posts: 3

    @AlexL I have tried that edit the CSV method but I always get this - The CSV file must contain an amount, date and description column - Yet there are all of those columns in the CSV.

    It all worked great and was very simple when it pulled from the banks automatically. That function was removed, but the alternative is now multiple steps more. Its not really a good user experience.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,427 admin

    Hey @Jax21 , very sorry to hear about the frustrations you're facing getting your transactions into Wave. To be clear, the .csv file must contain only those three columns, so if you have more it won't import.

    I'm thinking that Wave Connect might be a better solution for you as it actually formats the import sheet for you. Check it out!

  • LolaLola Member Posts: 6

    I am getting a warning with a Cloudfare ID number (it won't even upload my CSV file from Paypal). This didn't happen with the same kind of file that I uploaded yesterday to Wave. Why is it happening now, and how do I fix it?

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 2,041 admin

    Hey there @Lola

    Typically we see these types of issues when it comes to the formatting of a CSV. You may need to edit this in an excel or google sheets doc. Have a read through our troubleshooting your CSV document and see if you're able to reformat your document then upload again. If not I'd reach out to our support team through a ticket and give them a screenshot of the cloudflare error you're seeing so they can further escalate this!

  • AnthonyVAnthonyV Member Posts: 6

    If given the option, which file format is best? Microsoft Money (.OFX), QuickBooks (.QBO), Quicken (.QFX)?

  • CarmenCDL764CarmenCDL764 Member Posts: 1

    Hi there,
    If I download a bank statement, will it duplicate the transactions already in Wave?

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